All riders for the 2019 Back Roads Century must be registered. No prior year's registration was credited or transferred from any other year.   Upon cancellation of the 2018 Back Roads century each registered rider was given a refund according to the following- Early registrants who paid the early registration fee of $45 received a $30 refund. All other registrants received a refund of 50% of their Century registration fee, regardless of when they registered. This refund was either refunded to the credit card which you used when you registered or sent to your address via check (if you registered before June, 2018.  You would have received this in late Sep/Oct. 2018. 

On Sep. 19, 2018 you received an email explaining the decision, in part:
"After we notified you of our decision to cancel the Back Roads century last week, we also had the arduous task of informing our venues and vendors for the Back Roads Century. While they were also saddened by the news and concerned for the trajectory of the storm, especially under the West Virginia Sate of Preparedness, many our vendors were able to refund our contracts and deposits significantly beyond what we had originally anticipated. This was unexpected, but also speaks to the strong ties that our club has to the Shepherdstown area, Shepherd University and other local businesses. Because of this generosity, we are now able to offer our registrants a 50% refund in lieu of a credit towards next year's Century."


Ride Schedule

Sat, 09/21 AA/A/BB/B/CC * 51 * MD * 8:00am * Rockville Wootton Ride * Thomas S. Wootton High School (TWHS)
Sat, 09/21 CC * 32 * MD * 9:00am * Loop de Adventure * South Germantown Rec. Park - Adventure Playground (SGRAP)
Sat, 09/21 BB/B/CC/C/D * 36/13 * MD * 12:00pm * 2019 BRC Saturday Sugar Rides * Sharpsburg MD (BRC Saturday Ride Start)
Sun, 09/22 AA/A/BB/B/CC/C/D * 25/30/50/62 * WV * 7:00am * Back Roads Century * Shepherd University - Back Roads Century Start
Sun, 09/22 CC/C * 25 * DC * 10:00am * All Bike DC Loop! * District Hardware and Bike (DHB)
Mon, 09/23 A/BB/B * 30 * MD * 9:30am * The Usual Monday Ride From Glen Echo * Glen Echo Park (GLE)
Mon, 09/23 BB * 40 * MD * 5:00pm * Frederick's Monday EZ * - Other Start Location MD
Tue, 09/24 B/CC * 35 * MD * 10:00am * Bud Bike Tuesday * Buddy Attick Park (BUD)
Tue, 09/24 CC * 32 * VA * 10:00am * Mid-Week Morning Belle Haven * Belle Haven Picnic Area (BEL)
Tue, 09/24 C * 22 * MD * 10:00am * Tuesday Lunch Ride (Olney Ale House) * Veirs Mill Park Recreation Center (VMP)
Tue, 09/24 BB/Tandem * 24 * VA * 5:15pm * Tuesday Night Tandems * - Other Start Location VA
Tue, 09/24 BB/Tandem * 24 * VA * 5:15pm * Tuesday Night Tandems * - Other Start Location VA
Tue, 09/24 BB/Tandem * 24 * VA * 5:15pm * Tuesday Night Tandems * - Other Start Location VA
Tue, 09/24 A/BB/B/CC * 17/23/25/29 * MD * 5:30pm * The Slurpee Ride * Layton Village Shopping Center (LAV)
Tue, 09/24 D * 10 * MD * 6:00pm * Cruising the Capital Crescent Trail * Capital Crescent Trail Head (CCT)

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Sadly, Potomac Pedalers has lost one of its most dynamic and vocal members.

Kim Lamphier, who always had a smile and an opinion, passed away Friday in hospice after a year-long, hard fought battle with a virulent sarcoma cancer. She went out with love from her family and husband David Whitaker along with a Dobro of course at her side.



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