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TRI Rides - New Ride Class
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TRI Rides - A New Ride Classification!


ATTENTION TRIATHLETES (or other cyclists who might be interested in participating in triathlons): A substantial number of PPTC members participate in triathlons, or have thought about doing so. This reflects the vibrant triathlon community in the greater DC area. To accommodate these riders, the Club is adding a new ride classification: TRI. The rides in this classification would be "triathlon-specific,” intended to prepare riders for the cycling leg of triathlon events. However, PPTC is not a “racing” club, and these rides would not be “flat-out” training rides (although we expect that at least some of the participants would approach them as such, while exercising appropriate caution). As with other PPTC rides, the ride leaders would designate a pace for the ride or list the ride as “multi-class.” The TRI rides would be designed primarily for triathletes contemplating Olympic, ½ IM and full IM distance races, and the mileage would vary from 30 -70 miles.


Our first TRI ride will be Thursday, April 6, from Riley’s Lock at 4:30, continuing on Thursdays through the summer. The route is 28 miles from Riley’s to Poolesville and back, on roads familiar to most: River Road, Mt. Nebo, Westerly, etc. (And look for TRI designations on other rides on the calendar, including some multi-class rides.) As an added benefit at the first ride, Christina Dorrer, a USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified coach, well-known in the triathlon community, will be participating. Coach Dorrer will speak briefly prior to the start of the ride and generally be available to answer questions about triathlon cycling. As a further added benefit, at least one of the ride leaders will bring refreshments of the non-sports drink variety for after the first ride, so that we can get to know each other and plan future events.


We encourage triathletes of any experience level (even newbies) to participate, as long as they are able to complete the mileage, maintain the designated pace(s) and be able to change a tire or handle other minor inconveniences. We welcome road bikes as well as triathlon/time trial bikes. Important: we will follow USA Triathlon rules, including the rule that riders maintain a distance of at least 3 bike lengths from the nearest rider except when passing, for reasons of safety (and because those are the rules that apply during races). We also expect everyone to practice safe cycling: announce when passing, call out obstacles in the road and cars up and back, and be situationally aware. Because we are expecting both fast and not-so-fast riders, we expect that the group will spread out and the ride leaders won’t necessarily try to hold the groups together. We are not planning any rest stops.


So, if you’re a triathlete (or just want to see what triathlon cycling is like), come join a ride! Encourage your triathlon friends to participate as well. (As with other PPTC rides, the TRI rides will not be limited to PPTC members, although riders should join the Club if they wish to participate as these rides become a regular feature of the PPTC ride calendar. Everyone will need to sign the PPTC waiver.) It will be great to ride with other triathletes preparing for races like Eagleman, Raleigh, Chattanooga, Placid, and IMMD. For the Riley’s Lock rides: No go if raining, and we'll alert you to any cancellations or changes in the ride description through the MD ride forum. Also, if you’re interested in leading a TRI ride or listing a TRI ride alongside another ride, please do so through your ride coordinator, and contact Paul Huey-Burns for more information about the TRI classification. We look forward to seeing you on the road!


See the TRI Ride listing on our Ride Schedule!



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C * 22 * VA* 10:00 AM * Cycling the W&OD Trail and Historic Waterford * Ida Lee Park, Leesburg

TRI/B/BB/A * 28 * MD * 4:30 PM * Triathlete Trainer * Riley’s Lock (RIL)

Featured Members
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.
Matthew BirnbaumMatt was the Chair of the Club in 2015 and 2016.