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About Our Ride Schedules
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You'll find three separate ride schedules here on the Potomac Pedalers website.  Below is a brief description of the type of rides which are listed on each of them.

1. Potomac Pedalers Club Ride Schedule

Rides listed on our Club Ride Schedule are sanctioned and managed by Potomac Pedalers.  They're submitted by Ride Leaders and are scheduled by our Ride Coordinator staff on a monthly basis.  You'll also find this schedule published each month in our monthly Club newspaper, Pedal Patter.

2. Impromptu Ride Schedule

The Impromptu Ride Schedule is separate from the Potomac Pedalers Club Ride Schedule.  We host the Impromptu Ride Schedule on our website as a service to our members, so that you may post rides without going through any approval process or paperwork through the Club.  It's truly a community calendar.

Rides posted on the Impromptu Ride Schedule are not sanctioned or endorsed by Potomac Pedalers; they're rides led by members who take full responsibility for posting, coordinating, managing and leading their own rides.

Click here (login required) if you're a member and you need instructions on how to enter rides on the Impromptu Ride Schedule.

3. Regional Cycling Events Schedule

As a service to our members we list non-Potomac Pedalers cycling events on the Regional Cycling Events Schedule.  These events are managed and operated by other cycling organizations - not Potomac Pedalers.  We generally post major rides in DC, MD, VA and surrounding areas, which would include Century Rides and other popular events.  Only non-profit, club or charity rides are posted; no commercial rides.

Click here if you have an event that you would like us to add to the Regional Events Schedule.


Subscribing to New Event Notifications

We send out New Event Notification e-mails when new rides are posted on the Impromptu Ride Schedule and the Regional Cycling Events Schedule.  Potomac Pedalers members may subscribe to these e-mails.  Click here for instructions.


more Ride Schedule

BB * 50 * VA * 10:30 AM * Hume & Upperville * The Plains (PLA)

CANCELLED. CC * 36-51 * VA * 10:30 AM * Loudoun * Starbucks, Haymarket * 45°/40%/15 mph wind

Featured Members
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the D/C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC
Matthew BirnbaumMatt is Chairman of Potomac Pedalers