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2017 Road Bike Editors’ Choice WinnersOpen in a New Window

These 16 road bikes are the best of the best


2017 Mountain Bike Editors’ Choice WinnersOpen in a New Window

These 14 mountain bikes are the best of the best


First Ride Impressions: Schwalbe Addix TiresOpen in a New Window

Schwalbe reinvents its mountain bike tire compounds to create a faster, grippier, more durable tire line


First Ride: Ibis Ripley LSOpen in a New Window

Smart updates to suspension and tire clearance make this great third-generation trail bike even better—and more fun to ride


Prevelo Launches Kid-Specific BikesOpen in a New Window

New company designs frames around younger riders


Bike Commuting Is Preventative Medicine, According to ScienceOpen in a New Window

Massive study finds cyclists and other active commuters experience dramatically lower risk of dying—from any cause—than those who drive or take public transit


8 Basic Exercise Moves You've Been Doing Wrong Your Whole LifeOpen in a New Window

An overview of the most common exercise slip-ups, plus how to fix them


Egg-Based Mini Meals for CyclistsOpen in a New Window

Enjoy these protein-packed recipes post-ride to speed recovery


6 Core Exercises to Injury-Proof Your BodyOpen in a New Window

Perform these 6 protective exercises for improved performance and longevity in the saddle


Specialized Brings the Party to Red Hook With Custom Allez Sprint Track BikesOpen in a New Window

This wildly painted bike will take on the world’s craziest crit


Fatal Kalamazoo Crash Could Have Been Prevented by Better Dispatch Communication, Study FindsOpen in a New Window

The National Transportation Safety Board’s first investigation into cycling safety in decades sheds light on the crash that killed five cyclists and injured four in Michigan last June


10 Mistakes You’re Making on Century RidesOpen in a New Window

Whether you’re new to the 100-mile game or a seasoned long-distance rider, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to crushing centuries. Here, we outline 10 mistakes that are sabotaging your centuries—and how to correct them. 


‘I Tried Sleeping 8 Hours A Night For A Month—Here’s What Happened’Open in a New Window

How this writer kicked Ambien and made over her sleep habits for good


Adventure Riding Gets a Boost With New Easton AX Wheels, Cranks, and Power MeterOpen in a New Window

Tailor your ride for tougher conditions with multiple wheel sizes, crank lengths, and a sealed, spindle-based power unit


The Gravel-Riding Crowd Gets a Dedicated Fox Suspension ForkOpen in a New Window

The new Step-Cast 32 AX offers adventure-seekers 40mm of travel


How to Ride in Alligator Country Without Becoming LunchOpen in a New Window

Cyclists in Houston discovered this weekend that bypassing a gator requires more than riding fast


7 Warning Signs Of A Brain Tumor You Should KnowOpen in a New Window

Brain tumors come in all shapes and sizes... and so do their symptoms


5 Reasons to Eat an Avocado TodayOpen in a New Window

You already know guac rocks. Now research shows these rich, creamy fruits are super hero disease fighters in a delicious disguise.


Colorado Senator Takes a Stand Against Coal-Rolling of CyclistsOpen in a New Window

Drivers who purposefully pump exhaust onto cyclists and other road users might soon face $100 fines


​10 Grilled Cheese Recipes That Will Leave You DroolingOpen in a New Window

It's grilled cheese for grown-ups​


These Are the Best Deals on Cycling Nutrition This WeekOpen in a New Window

Take advantage of these awesome sales and stock up for spring rides


10 High-Fat Foods You Should Be Eating More Of, According To NutritionistsOpen in a New Window

Fat is back. Here's how to pick the best foods to bring this amazing macronutrient back into your life.


Michelin's Newest Mountain Bike Tires Are Pretty ImpressiveOpen in a New Window

Michelin's new Force XC, Force AM, and Wild AM tires offer excellent grip and robust casings


8 Things Your Pooping Habits Say About YouOpen in a New Window

Everybody poops. Here's what yours might mean.


First Look: Mavic's $1,000 Cycling ShoeOpen in a New Window

Mavic previews its most advanced and expensive road shoe to date, the Comete Ultimate


I Swapped My Almond Milk With Full-Fat Dairy For A Month—Here's What HappenedOpen in a New Window

To start, everything tasted better


Tested: Scott MTB RC Lace ShoeOpen in a New Window

A sweet blend of stiffness, comfort, and pizzazz in a $200 mountain bike shoe


I Did 10 Minutes Of Strength Training Every Day For A Month—Here’s What HappenedOpen in a New Window

Can just ten minutes of strength work a day really make you stronger?


7 Reasons You're Bloated That Have Nothing To Do With What You Just AteOpen in a New Window

Lots of foods can lead to bloating, but in some cases diet might not be to blame


Watch This Rider Set the MTB Speed Record on a Stock BikeOpen in a New Window

Austrian speedmeister Markus Stöckl gained another world record by going 104mph on dirt
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Women * C * 32 * VA * 10 AM * Training on the W&OD * W&OD, mile 12

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Matthew BirnbaumMatt was the Chair of the Club in 2015 and 2016.
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.