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Zwift Academy Offers Another Chance to Go Pro From Your BasementOpen in a New Window

The social training app is again partnering with CANYON//SRAM to give young female cyclists a shot at joining an elite team


How to Set Up Your Own Indoor Cycling StudioOpen in a New Window

Besides a bike and a trainer or rollers, you're going to want a few key things when you post up in the pain cave


This 76-Year-Old Record-Holding Cyclist Is Still Bringing Home MedalsOpen in a New Window

Why this senior Olympian gets up early to ride to this day


ND Bill Could Help Drivers Avoid Liability in Cyclists' DeathOpen in a New Window

A new bill introduced in the North Dakota state legislature would legally relieve drivers of responsibility for hitting cyclists who impede traffic


7 Biggest Mistakes Weight Loss Coaches See Their Clients MakeOpen in a New Window

You've made your resolution. Now avoid falling into these bad weight-loss habits.


Women-Only Internship Pushing to Diversify Riders and IndustryOpen in a New Window

QBP launches new initiative to get women on bikes and in shops


First Look: Seattle Cycles Burke 20 ElectricOpen in a New Window

It weighs just 29.5 pounds and has a battery small enough to meet airline specifications


Youngest NFL Head Coach in History Is a Bike CommuterOpen in a New Window

Sean McVay bike commuted to Washington Redskins practice with other coaching staff—and as the new head coach of the LA Rams, he'll be able to maintain his lifestyle


6 Ways Fat Biking Makes You FitterOpen in a New Window

Monster truck through the snowy season and you’ll roll into spring with mad strength and skills


4 Reasons Indoor Cycling Doesn't Suck AnymoreOpen in a New Window

You no longer have to dread riding the trainer, if you try these four new trends hitting the inside ride


6 Time-Saving Foil-Pack Dinners You Can Make TonightOpen in a New Window

Foil's not just for food storage anymore


How to Make a Safe Left Turn in TrafficOpen in a New Window

A simple way to tackle this sometimes-scary part of road riding


Your Twice-A-Week Training PlanOpen in a New Window

No time? No problem. This turbo-charged plan will keep you fit when life gets crazy busy


Tested: Diamondback Haanjo EXP CarbonOpen in a New Window

A bike built specifically to tackle your next bikepacking adventure


Tested: Specialized Camber Comp Carbon 29Open in a New Window

Don’t underestimate the middle


13 Salty Snacks That Can Actually Help You Lose WeightOpen in a New Window

You can even have that serving of (baked) French fries


Meet the Only Female Mechanic on the USA Cycling Pro Road TourOpen in a New Window

Andrea Smith, a former masters national cyclocross champion, shares how she keeps the women of Team Colavita rolling


This Smart Mug Will Keep Your Drink at the Perfect TemperatureOpen in a New Window

Cold coffee is a thing of the past with the Ember Mug


8 Foodie Instagram Accounts That Make Cyclists DroolOpen in a New Window

From the ultimate endurance fuel to touring #FoodPorn, these Instagram accounts capture why we ride to eat


The Newest Safety Feature on NYC's Citi Bikes: Freakin’ Lasers!Open in a New Window

As if Citi Bikes weren't already super-functional, the Big Apple fleet will be equipped with laser headlights that promote traffic safety


Can Meditation Really Calm a Stressed, Overwhelmed Guy?Open in a New Window

Feel like you're going to pieces? Read on for a solution.


I Tried It: Yin YogaOpen in a New Window

This gentle style of yoga could help you relearn how to listen to your body


The Science of Being Seen: A Guide to Safer RidingOpen in a New Window

What matters and why when sharing the road


5 Ways Technology Will Make You Healthier In 2017Open in a New Window

Discover the mind-blowing new tech that may change how you eat, exercise, and treat illness this year


Which Tire Should I Buy for Cyclocross?Open in a New Window

Ride better in mud, ice, snow, and more with this ultimate guide to 'cross tires


6 Signs You Might Have a Blood ClotOpen in a New Window

Learn the signs of this potentially life-threatening condition


Anti-Aging Secrets For Every Cell in Your BodyOpen in a New Window

Strengthen your chromosomes with these four life hacks


6 Ways to Be the Biggest Distraction on the RoadOpen in a New Window

Making yourself known is important while out on the road, especially when drivers don't always know to be looking for you


One Thousand Miles of Fall RidesOpen in a New Window

On a three-week bike ride down the East Coast, photographers Jered and Ashley Gruber set out to capture autumn’s stunning glory. They got so much more than that.


6 Simple Guidelines for "Clear" EatingOpen in a New Window

Finding a healthy relationship with food is paramount to a healthy body and life
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