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BRC - Group Rides
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Potomac Pedalers ride leaders will be leading group rides at the Back Roads Century. Group rides are a great way to share in the experience of a Century with fellow cyclists who are riding the same distance as you. 


Group ride registration is now open!

2015 Back Roads Century Group Ride Listing

  Distance   Ride Class   Speed   Start Time   Maximum
Register   100 Miles   A   18-20 mph   7:10 am   18
Register   100 Miles   BB   16-18 mph   7:10 am   45
Register   100 Miles   B   14-16 mph   7:25 am   60
Register   100 Miles   CC   12-14 mph   7:35 am   35
Register   65 Miles   B   14-16 mph   7:55 am   35
Register   65 Miles   CC   12-14 mph   8:05 am   35
Register   55 Miles   CC   12-14 mph   8:20 am   30
Register   55 Miles   C   10-12 mph   8:30 am   30
Register   38 Miles   C   10-12 mph   8:50 am   25
Register   32 Miles   C   10-12 mph   9:05 am   25
Register   21 Miles   D/C   8-12 mph   9:20 am   22

What is a group ride? 


Group rides are a way to pair up cyclists of the same ability, who are riding the same distance at the Century


Are group rides required? 


No, group rides are totally optional. You may ride the Back Roads Century alone, with a friend, or in one of our groups. 


Who may participate in a group ride?


Anyone who has registered for the Back Roads Century 


Is there a fee for participating in a group ride? 


Group rides are free, so long as you registered (paid) for the Back Roads Century, and you have a rider number and wristband 


Who participates in groups? 


Riders participate in groups for a number of reasons -

  • First Century - Cyclists who are riding in their first Century appreciate having an experienced ride leader to guide them throughout the day.
  • Experienced Cyclists - It's more fun to ride with other riders of the same ability.
  • Fast Cyclists - They'll oftentimes "paceline" (ride together in straight lines) with other fast riders, and group rides are a way for them to pair-up.

So it doesn't matter if this is your first Century ride, if you're an experienced cyclist, or if you're looking to paceline. Group rides are a great way to increase the "fun quotient" of riding in a Century.


Who are the group ride leaders?


Group ride leaders are Potomac Pedalers ride leaders, who regularly lead our Club rides. They lead rides at the Back Roads Century for the same reason that they lead Club rides - they enjoy cycling and want to make sure that everyone has a great time at our event. 


How large are each of the groups?

See the listing above. 


How many groups will you have?

See the listing above.


Will groups travel at different speeds and distances?


Yes, groups will travel at different speeds and distances.  We'll post the "ride classification" so that you can determine if this ride is appropriate for your ability.


What are ride classes or speeds?  


Ride classes were established in order to pair-up or match cyclists of the same ability. Below you will see the Potomac Pedalers ride class table which you'll use to determine your ride class. The Back Roads Century would be considered a (M) Moderate ride. 


How do I know what group to join or what speed to join?


You'll need to determine what distance and average speed that you can comfortably complete.  


What are the Ride Classifications that you post next to each group ride?


This is the from Potomac Pedalers ride class table, which riders use to match their ability to a particular ride.  Click here to see the Ride Class Table.  


Will you have more than one group at the same speed and distance? 


Yes, we have multiple ride leaders leading separate rides for our most popular group rides. 


Will there be group rides for families?  


Yes, we will have a family-friendly ride at the 21 mile distance. 


What time will the group rides start?

See listing above


Where will group rides meet?


Group rides will meet in parking lot F near W. Campus Drive. 


What if I can't keep up with my group?  


The group will go at the speed listed in the ride description. Invariably some cyclists will get "dropped" from the group because they aren't able to keep up. If you get dropped, you'll need to ride the rest of the Century alone or try to pair-up with another cyclist on course. Therefore, be sure to select a group that's within your ability. Otherwise you may end up riding alone. 


How will I learn about group rides when they're announced?  


We'll send out an e-mail blast to all Back Roads Century registrants when group ride registration opens.



more Ride Schedule

C * 30 * MD * 9:00 AM * Leave from VMP to join Friday Lunch Ride * Veirs Mill Park (VMP)

CANCELED CC * VA * 10:00 AM * Elk Run and BLT Clockwise * Brentsville Park (BVP) *45°

Featured Members
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.