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Cycling in the New Millennium
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by Bill Bejeck

Yet another year is about to pass by. It seems as though it was spring just last week. No matter what your position in life is, there is one incontrovertible truth: Time marches on. This year also marks an even bigger event, the passing of a century. I can distinctly remember a conversation with my father when I was 10 years old. The year was 1976 and I was figuring out how old we would be at the turn of the century (something only a 10 year old would do!).

According to my calculations I would be 34 and my father would be 62. For reasons that I now understand, dad did not want to keep discussing the subject of turning 62. Unfortunately, dad did not make it to the new millennium, but that rather humorous conversation stays fixated in my mind. What is the point in my telling you this story? Well, none actually.

As I sat down to write the article for the December issue of Pedal Patter, I figured I'd risk sharing a personal moment that came to mind. So what is the point of this article? With this being the year-end issue of sorts, I would like to talk about something very relevant at this point of time, goal setting. Goal setting allows us to achieve more and have more fun doing so. Maybe you could do a full century ride. If have done one before, you could aim for a faster time.

If you ride on "C" level rides you could work on doing a few "B" rides next year. For those who like to race, maybe you could aim for another "Cat" up or to place a little higher in your races. It really does not matter what your goal is, as long as you have one. Just pick one area of your cycling that you would like to work on and do it.

Over the next couple of months I am going to present different workouts that will hopefully cover a wide range of goals for persons to help them achieve their goals for the coming year. Having said that, I would like to leave you with some basic guidelines on choosing a goal.

  1. Be Specific- Set a goal of riding at least x times per week instead of saying your goal is to just ride more. Goals have to be specific to have any meaning to them.
  2. Be Realistic- Set goals that are challenging, but achievable.
  3. Choose One Goal- Pick one thing you want to work on and stick with that one. Working on too many things at one time can be self-defeating.
  4. Give yourself a deadline- In addition to having a specific goal, you should have specific time frame to achieve it in.
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