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Post Your Own Rides
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We're pleased to announce that Potomac Pedalers is now hosting an Impromptu Ride Schedule on our website!


Members may now post rides without going through any approval process or paperwork through the Club - you can post any ride at any time. We're hosting the Impromptu Ride Schedule as a service to our members - it's truly a community calendar.


The Impromptu Ride Schedule is separate from the Potomac Pedalers monthly Club Ride Schedule, which is listed on our website and published each month in Pedal Patter.


When you go to our website you'll now see that we're hosting three separate ride schedules -

All three schedules are never more than one click away. There are quick links to every other ride schedule, no matter which one you're viewing.


Any Potomac Pedalers member may post rides on the Impromptu Ride Schedule. You just need to tell us that you would like to post rides, and we'll configure your membership account in order to grant you access. This is a one-time process and it will give you the ability to post rides any time going forward.


We've posted a detailed help page (login required) with step-by-step instructions for gaining access and entering rides. The help page also contains screen shots with notations for a clear understanding of the entire process.


Keep in mind that rides posted on the Impromptu Ride Schedule are not sanctioned or endorsed by Potomac Pedalers; they're rides led by members who take full responsibility for posting, coordinating, managing and leading their own rides.


We hope that you enjoy this great new feature on our website, and that you start posting Impromptu rides right away.


more Ride Schedule

C * 22 * VA* 10:00 AM * Cycling the W&OD Trail and Historic Waterford * Ida Lee Park, Leesburg

TRI/B/BB/A * 28 * MD * 4:30 PM * Triathlete Trainer * Riley’s Lock (RIL)

Featured Members
Matthew BirnbaumMatt was the Chair of the Club in 2015 and 2016.
Linda B. KolkoLinda is the C Ride Coordinator for MD & DC.