Bicycle Maintenance Workshop Recap

Monday, June 26, 2017

Bicycle Maintenance Workshop Recap
Saturday, June 17, 2017 - Spokes Etc., Vienna, VA

by Bob Manka, Peter Klosky, and Adam Goldberg

On Saturday June 17 some 22 people registered for the Club’s third Bicycle Maintenance Workshop.  Joining the participants were Adam Goldberg, Peter Klosky, and Bob Manka, the three presenters who led the workshop.  Spokes Etc., conveniently located in the center of Vienna, VA near the Beltway, Route 123, I-66, Vienna Metro and the W&OD Trail, generously agreed to host the Workshops.  The Spokes hospitality was outstanding; they made available their upper training room for our exclusive use for the day.  It was equipped with a bicycle stand (plus the two Peter and Bob brought), a workbench, and a display table illustrating the common items cyclists need at home and on the road.  Starting at 10:00 AM, the participants were offered coffee, donuts and iced water.   The workshop was marked with helpful, interactive discussion throughout.  It was sponsored for PPTC by Nancy Avitabile in her Special Events role.

Part-1: Basic Bicycle Care at Home and On the Road

The morning session covered the basics for taking care of a bicycle.  Peter and Adam covered changing a flat with inflation options, adjusting brakes, and shifting on the road.  Peter showed a nifty procedure for taking a tire off the rim without using tire levers; this was gone through slowly twice while answering questions so that participants could have a good feel for the process.  The options for inflation on the road were discussed with the relative merits of CO2 cartridges and compact pumps; Adam has good experience with cartridges while Peter and Bob leaned toward the slower, but perhaps more reliable, compact pumps.  For use at home, a good procedure for lubricating the chain and gears was demonstrated by Bob followed by a discussion by Adam and Peter of the various lubes available and their use.  The presenters discussed home inflation with floor pumps and the relative pressure balance between front and rear tires.  All presenters made comments on noticing problems with your bike before they develop into breakdowns. 

Part-2: Intermediate/Advanced Bicycle Care

After a short lunch break, the afternoon continued with presentations of intermediate/advanced steps to take care of a bicycle.  Items included how to remove, clean and change chains and gears.  At one point Peter was surrounded by parts including chains, rear cluster cogs, and tools as he demonstrated bicycle components and their installation.  The presenters discussed how to inspect, clean, measure and change a chain and inspect, adjust, and change brake pads.  How to adjust and tune index shifting at front and rear derailleurs was demonstrated.  And Adam showed a special tool to measure and correct bent rear derailleur hangers.  He showed how a bent hanger could make it impossible to fully adjust a rear derailleur.

As they say after military social events: A good time was had by all!  We have only to thank the lively participants, the presenters, and the outstanding folks at Spokes Etc. in Vienna who graciously hosted this Pedalers workshop.


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