Bicycles on the MARC Train

Monday, April 29, 2019

Bicycles on the MARC Train

I recently had to go to Baltimore. I was looking forward to it, partly because the trip gave me the opportunity to try out roll-aboard bike access on the MARC train Penn line. Bicycle access was started about a year (?) ago on weekend trains and very recently extended to weekday trains.

There are actually two types of bike accommodations. On the trip from DC to Baltimore, the conductor directed me to the first car of the train, the bike car. There were racks for twenty or more bikes on the floor along one side of the car and seats on the other. Very nice, except a long walk to the stations at both ends of the trip.

On my return trip I was directed to one of the double-decker cars (which make up most of the train). On the entry level were two bike racks. Unfortunately, they’re the kind where you have to hang the bike by the front wheel. Not happening. I just bungied the bike to the rack. The conductor didn’t object, maybe because I was the only passenger in the car. These must be the cars that are used on the weekday trains. 

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