Bike “Stop, Swap and Save”

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bike “Stop, Swap and Save”

Sunday, February 10, 2019 In Westminster, Maryland

David T. Whitaker


“No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.” --  Hal Borland

In the dead of winter, weary of the gym and bike trainers, most cyclists seek that first hint that spring-like azure blue skies and budding flowers that are soon to be companions on club rides. Okay ~ Most agree that Winter can be a beast! What is all this sand and salt doing to my bike?  Why does ice form on my balaclava? Good news: my fingers stopped freezing; Bad news: I can’t feel them.

Yes ~ It takes a special breed of human to ride a bicycle all winter, but even the most die hard Viking looks forward to Spring!  That’s right, Spring – When daffodils and dogwoods are in bloom. Bring it on!

Well, let’s assess current bicycle gear needs. Didn’t I have this plan for needed  2019 bike acquisitions?

So, where is that much anticipated new wheel set, helmet, jersey or drive train?  It’s now time to upgrade or sell off that seldom used hybrid or track bike that is cluttering the bike stable.  What do I need for 2019 and where can I find it?

Like pilgrims seeking the Spring Equinox in Newgrange, Ireland, cyclists from New York to Richmond descend upon Westminster seeking the next best thing: real deals on bicycles and bicycle gear.

Mark your calendar to attend the 22nd annual “Stop, Swap and Save” on Sunday, February 10th 2019 in the cavernous Carroll County Agricultural Center in Westminster, Maryland. Yes, that monster February bicycle event where everything can be found from socks to saddles along with truckloads of tires, tubes and trainers.

This event in Westminster, MD is the largest indoor bicycle swap and consumer bicycle expo in the east coast. In 2018, over 4,000 people attended this event, browsing, buying, selling and trading all manners of new and vintage bicycles, accessories and fitness gear from row upon row of vendors. Some signed up for tours while others scavenged up half price cycling accouterments, cranksets and recycled cycling jewelry. 

Find road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, tandems and every manner of bicycle gear, clothing, new and vintage derailleurs and hubs, headsets and bottom brackets. The event also features an area where you can “sell your own bike” along with dozens of other bicycles. This allows one to negotiate an agreed upon selling price with interested buyers.

There is a $5.00 (cash only) entry fee for the general public. The Bike Swap event opens for Vendor Set Up beginning at 6:00am. It opens to the general public beginning at 9:00am. The event closes at 4:00pm.  One is advised to get in line early for the best deals.

For additional information on “Stop, Swap and Save”:

“Stop, Swap and Save” Vendor Registration Info:

Until then, just get dressed and get out the door, and get riding. Most of the time it’s never as cold as you think it will be. And the reward for having gotten on your bike will be immeasurable.

Best Holiday Wishes to All ~ See you in February in Westminster!





















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