Bike to Work Day - Friday May 17, 2019 Join the Fun - Ride or Volunteer!

Saturday, May 18, 2019
Bike to Work Day - Friday May 17, 2019
Join the Fun - Ride or Volunteer!
by Bob Manka
Don’t miss the chance to Ride, or even better, Volunteer at one of PPTC’s five Pit stops! For this year’s Bike to Work Day on May 17, every cyclist in the DC region can ride to work and visit one (or more!) of the organized Bike to Work "Pit Stops." Just go to the Bike to Work website to find Pit Stops and to register (click on the Free Registration Now button). You will find many Pit Stops covering the Maryland, DC, and Virginia routes.
This year Potomac Pedalers will again be represented at five key Pit Stops which are the most traveled “gateway” stops in the DC Metro area. At each of our Pit Stops we'll have a table with Club information and handouts and talk to the riders as they come through. This year the Potomac Pedalers presence is being organized by Anne Hyman (VP Special Events), Ed Hazelwood (ExCom Member at Large), and intrepid members Ron Tripp, Linda Kolko, and Bob Manka.
We invite you to be a Pedalers VOLUNTEER at one of the five key pit stops. You’ll have a great time talking to people and do good for the Club. Just directly contact one of the five table leaders:
      Bethesda, MD: Need 1-2 Volunteers
Contact: Ron Tripp:
      Takoma Park, MD: Need 1 Volunteer
Contact: Linda Kolko:
      Freedom Plaza, DC Need 3-4 Volunteers
Contact: Anne Hyman:
      Gateway Park, Rosslyn, VA: Need 3-4 Volunteers
Contact Ed Hazelwood:
      Ballston (Spokes), VA:  Need 1-2 Volunteers
Contact Bob Manka:
We’ll see you there!

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