BikeMatchDC Helps Get Bikes To DC Area People Who Need Them

Monday, April 6, 2020
Fellow Pedalers:
A friend of mine and I started a service (BikeMatchDC) that matches no-longer-used but ride-ready bicycles with people who need them for essential work: commuting, running errands, or helping in community relief efforts.
Please direct any questions to either me or to the BikeMatch Gmail account (
So if you have an extra bike that you no longer use, please consider participating. We're best prepared to match folks within the Beltway, though we can consider more remote locales if a match close by can be found (or if the donor is willing to meet the recipient closer to where he or she is).
We have already matched 10 pairs of donors and recipients - and we welcome more donor bikes, as the demand for non-car transportation is high, especially given cutbacks to WMATA services.

BikeMatchDC Helps Get Bikes To DC Area People Who Need Them

Washington, DC (March 31, 2020) - To help people who need personal transportation during the coronavirus pandemic, BikeMatchDC has been launched to fulfill their needs by helping match extra bicycles to people who need a bike.
Founded by Rachel Maisler and Rudi Riet of Wonk Policy & Communications LLC, BikeMatchDC is modeled after a successful program in New York City. BikeMatchDC allows people with extra, unused bicycles to register their bikes in a central database using a simple online form. Similarly, people who are in need of a bicycle for commuting to an essential job, running critical errands, or helping with local relief efforts can express their need via the same database. Bikes get matched to people, and the exchange is made via a contact-free process in a public location.
People who have bikes to give need to make sure the donor bike is in safe working order, and must be cleaned to proper precautionary sanitary condition before handoff to the new owner. In order to maintain sanitary protocols, each donation is a permanent transfer of ownership of the bicycle. 
BikeMatchDC is a free service for residents of the greater DC area. To get started, please visit or email
About Wonk Policy & Communications LLC: Wonk Policy & Communications, LLC is a boutique consultancy offering a wide range of services to help organizations navigate the health, education, and transportation policy landscapes. We leverage our expertise to create solutions from regulatory strategy to Medicare, communications to community development coordination and active transportation advocacy.

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