BRC - Support and Gear

The Back Roads Century will be providing mechanical support during your ride. This service is more commonly known as “Support and Gear” or simply “SAG”. SAG vehicles will be driving along all or our courses. If you need assistance, look for a “SAG” vehicle.

SAG vehicles are there to assist you in the event of mechanical breakdown. For example, your chain breaks or your wheel becomes bent. Mechanics will attempt to repair your bike on the side of the road. In the event your bike can’t be repaired, SAG will carry your bike on their vehicle and transport you to the nearest rest stop with mechanical support, or back to the ride start.

If you experience a flat tire, it's faster to change the tire yourself, rather than waiting for SAG. Although SAG is driving all of our courses, they may not be able to reach you in the amount of time it takes you to change the tire yourself. Also, we prefer that SAG support more serious mechanical issues, and not spend their day changing tires. It would use up too much of their time and they wouldn’t be able to assist riders in greater need of assistance.

If you’re unable to change a tire yourself (it can be hard getting them off the rims), simply ask a passing cyclist for assistance. Most riders are happy to oblige.

SAG is also there for your health and safety. If you suffer a minor scrape, they will help dress your wound or transport you back to Shepherd University if you’re unable to continue. If you become sore or you’re simply too tired continue, SAG will transport you and your bike back to the ride start.

If you suffer a serious injury, call 911. If you’re unable to call 911, ask a passing cyclist or motorist to call for you. It’s important that you receive prompt medical attention and 911 emergency services are qualified for this task. SAG is not staffed with medical personnel. They are there to help with minor mechanical and medical issues only.