BRC - What to Bring

It’s important that you prepare for the ride and bring everything you need for the Back Roads Century, as well as the weekend if you're staying overnight. It will make the events more enjoyable; and, if you do have an issue, you’ll be able to resolve it faster and with less hassle. If you happen to forget something, we’ll have merchants selling accessories at the ride start.

Here is a check list of items that you should bring. Please print this page and refer to it when you’re scrambling to get out of the house, and can’t find your keys.

  1. Rider Number - Rider numbers are mailed in early September. You may not ride without a rider number.
  2. Bike – Who wants to walk 100 miles?
  3. Helmet - This is required for our ride.
  4. Cycling Shoes – Don’t forget your shoes! We’ve all done this at least one time.
  5. Cycling Socks – Your feet will hurt without them; two pairs if you plan to ride both days.
  6. Cycling Gloves – Your palms with thank you at the end of the day.
  7. Cycling Shorts – You don’t want to ride 100 miles in jeans; two pairs if you plan to ride both days.
  8. Cycling Jersey – Long sleeve if it’s cool and short sleeve if it’s warm; two if you plan to ride both days.
  9. Cycling Jacket – Bring a cycling jacket as late September mornings tend to be cool. Vests work especially well this time of year.
  10. Leg and Arm Warmers – Bring warmers to stay nice and cozy in the morning.
  11. Cycling Glasses – Keeps the wind out of your eyes while you’re going 30mph downhill. Plus, you’ll look cool too.
  12. Bike Computer – You’ll need this to follow the cue sheets and prove that you rode 100 miles.
  13. Cue Sheet – Print out the cue sheet on our web site and bring it with you. If you forget, we'll have extras.
  14. Cue Sheet Holder – Bring binder clips from your office or get a fancy cue sheet holder from a bike shop.
  15. Cell Phone – Indispensable for getting help or ordering pizza.
  16. ID and Emergency Contact Information - Program your cell phone so that your name and number are visible on the lock screen.
  17. Sun Screen – Get that perfect “100 mile tan” during the day.
  18. Leg Ointment - Many cyclists like to apply a heating ointment or sports cream to their legs before a long ride.
  19. Chamois Ointment - Putting chamois ointment on your cycling shorts can help prevent chafing during long rides.
  20. Water Bottle(s) – We recommend having two water bottles. It’s a long ride.
  21. Energy Bars – If you have a favorite energy bar or gel, be sure to bring some for the ride.
  22. Spare Tube – Please carry an extra tire tube with you. Even if you're unable to change your tire, someone else can assist.
  23. Mini-Pump – Carry a pump or CO2 cartridge for that inevitable flat.
  24. Mini-Tool – Even if you can’t perform repairs yourself, a passing cyclist may be able to help.
  25. Bike Lock – After the ride, you may want to lock your bike at your car when you join the cookout. Otherwise, just lay it on the lawn like everyone else.
  26. Non-Bike Clothes & Shoes - Be sure to bring comfortable around-town clothes and shoes! You don't want to be clip-clopping in bike shoes or miss any of the fun so you can get home and out of soggy bike clothes.
  27. Smile – You must bring a smile and carry it with you at all times. We want you to have fun and enjoy the day!