Call for Statistics - 2019 Cast Iron Crotch

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
It's time once again to collect names and numbers for the Potomac Pedalers' Order of the Cast Iron Crotch. If people have been telling you that you're crazy to ride your bike so much, this is your chance to be certifiable. Inductees must have bicycled outdoors a minimum of 5,000 miles during 2019. As usual, the prize is bragging rights.
To add your name to the list, please send the following information to before March 31, 2020:
 * Your name
 * Age as of December 31, 2019
 * Total miles ridden
 * Number of days of riding
 * Maximum number of miles ridden in one week
 * Number of weeks not riding
 * Number of crashes (hopefully zero!)
 * Date of first ride
 * Date your mileage total crossed 5,000 miles.
Several club members have inquired about a printable distance log. Mark Pankin has an excellent downloadable spreadsheet at If you see him on a ride, please be sure to tell him thank-you!

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