Club Awards

Peter LeGrand Good Shepherd Award
Some Ride Leaders go out of their way to make everyone on a ride feel welcome and part of the group. They keep an eye on stragglers, help out with mechanical problems, and even sag the weary if necessary. Every year at the Annual Meeting, one such Ride Leader, nominated by the membership and selected by the Executive Committee, receives special recognition and an award. Peter LeGrand (1989) was the first recipient of the Good Shepherd Award, which was subsequently renamed in his memory. This award is given annually. (Click here for a list of past winners.)

In addition to the Good Shepherd Award, the Club honors members who have made special contributions to the Club with several other awards.

Rookie Ride Leader Award 
This award is presented to an individual who, in the past calendar year, has lead his or her first ride for the club and has shown a subsequent dedication to continuing to lead rides and following the Ride Leader Guidelines. This award is given annually. 

Best Original Ride of the Year Award
An award will be given to the member or members who have developed the best original ride of the year. In order to qualify, the ride should be a route unique to the last calendar year and should feature roads and areas not usually utilized on PPTC rides. This award is given annually.

Neal D. Malloy Volunteer Award *
An award will be given to the member or members who go above and beyond the call of duty in volunteering for the Club.  This award honors Neal Molloy (2010), a beloved club member, who shared his enthusiasm and energy with every rider he met and was dedicated to cycling and to PPTC. 

Linda Tischer PPTC Lifetime Award *
The nominee must have made outstanding and long-term significant contributions through individual volunteer effort to PPTC. Evidence of personal involvement in the management, administration, or financial affairs of PPTC measured by achievement while actively serving as a member, officer, or committee chairperson, ride leader, coordinator or other position normally found on page two of Pedal Patter shall be presented. The nominee must have demonstrated leadership, selfless dedication, effective contribution and personal commitment in support of PPTC interests, goals, and ideals over a number of years. The nominee must have been a member for at least ten years and must be a current member to receive the award.

(Please note: the Neal D. Molloy Volunteer and Linda Tischer PPTC Lifetime Awards are only presented to exceptional candidates and may not always be given.)



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