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Club Officers and Committees

While there's nothing we enjoy more than cycling (or talking about cycling), please keep in mind that everyone on this list is a volunteer and generously donates their time and energies to the club. So use your discretion before e-mailing, and please be patient while waiting for a response. To email any particular committee or person, please use our Contact page.

If you are interested in filling any of the VACANT positions, please contact Deb Reynolds.

2018 Executive Committee  
President Bob Bernstein
Vice President, Operations Deb Reynolds
Vice President, Special Events Anne Hyman
Vice President, Century Sallie Williams
Deputy Vice President, Century Ed Hazelwood
Treasurer Warren Farb
Recording Secretary David Whitaker
Member-at-Large  Mary Ann Breunig
Member-at-Large Stephanie Tsacoumis
Ride Directors  
Sign-up Sheet Issuance Joan Oppel
Sign-up Sheet Issuance Doreen Dotzler
Sign-up Sheet Archives Dan Lehman
Cue Sheet Librarian Eric Pilsk

Help and Other Resources

Ride Mentoring and Support Linda Borst Kolko
Ride Mentoring and Support Martine Palmiter
Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS FIle Help Eric Pilsk
Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS FIle Help Rudi Riet
Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS FIle Help Jim Quinn
Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS FIle Help Dan Lehman 
Ride Coordinators  
D Rides - Maryland & DC Chris Moriarity
D Rides - Virginia Woody Lipinski
C Rides - Maryland & DC Linda Borst-Kolko
C Rides - Virginia Fulton Armstrong
CC Rides - Maryland & DC Carol Linden
CC Rides - Virginia Joan Oppel
B Rides - Maryland & DC Jim Quinn
B Rides - Virginia Stephen Krill
BB Rides - Maryland & DC Karen Berlage
BB Rides - Virginia Stephen Krill
A/AA Rides - Maryland & DC Karen Berlage
A/AA Rides - Virginia Dan Lehman
Tandem Rides - DC, MD & VA Don Schneider
Family Rides - DC, MD & VA VACANT
Women's Rides Robin Sparer
Club Coordinators  
Back Roads Century Liaison VACANT
Communications VACANT
Special Events Anne Hyman
Volunteers Deb Reynolds
Message Committee  
Message Committee Teresa Browder
Message Committee Janet Cyphers
Message Committee Susan Fullenbaum
Message Committee Lois Lightfoot
Message Committee Beth Merricks
Message Committee Joan Oppel
Website Committee  
Website Committee Eric Pilsk
Website Committee Rich Tepel
Website Committee Sherri Core
Business Office  
Potomac Pedalers Business Office Sherri Core 
Bike Box Rental  
Manager Adam Goldberg
Manager Ann Corran

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