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Women's Corner - December 2018 Winter Riding

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Women's Corner - December 2018

Winter Riding
by Robin Sparer, Women's Ride Coordinator

This has been a interesting year of cycling. I paid for 5 local events, 4 were rained and rode one in the rain. I’m sure we are all looking at our annual stats and thinking they were a bit short. But the point is that we were out there doing our best. We have nothing to prove and really the competition is within ourselves.

So what is your plan for the winter? Whatever it is, stay active. Don’t let your hard work go wasted. Rejoin your gym or try out a new one. Take a spin class. Join some on-line cycling groups, go skiing (cross country or downhill), hiking or snowshoeing, just keep moving.

But be prepared. Wear layers (not cotton) and keep your head, head and fingers warm; most of all stay hydrated!! Finally, check out these great sites that support Women for winter riding and other Activities.


12/16/2018  -7th Annual Hains Point 100-http://www.hainspoint100.com: supports WABA Women and Bikes



Washington Women Outdoors: http://washingtonwomenoutdoors.org/

Lastly, I am stepping down as the official coordinator. Anyone can post a Women’s Only (WO) ride on the website as you would any other ride. Some of your long time leaders will continue to offer rides and we will post other WO rides and events as they come available. Please Volunteer!!!

Women's Corner - October 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

Women's Corner - October 2018

Women Are Stronger Together!!
by Robin Sparer, Women's Ride Coordinator
September was the wettest month on record but that didn't stop us from riding. During the Weekend of September 8-9 the Leader's of the Women Group and over 400 women came to Cambridge Maryland to ride the 10th annual Wild Goose Chase in support of Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. On the 8th we were treated to a wildlife tour bike ride in the early morning which made us aware of why we were there and Brenda Ruby, Denise Cohen and Deb Reynolds gave a afternoon Workshop while Martine Palmiter, Deborah Turton and Robin Sparer Volunteered in other ways. Our biggest treat was a group picture with Georgena Terry who started the event and was the special honorary guest and received a fit it station in her honor at the Visitor Center at Blackwater. The next day the rains of Gordan came but that did not deter us nor most of the women and off we went with our rain gear and a positive attitude. Not one complaint from our soggy ride . When we returned we were treated to lunch and most of our group were winners of door prizes and raffles.


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