COVID-19 Announcement

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Fellow Pedalers, 
Many of you are keeping a close eye on the news in regards to the current viral outbreaks occurring in our communities, specifically Influenza and COVID-19. What does this mean for us as PPTC members? As cyclists, we produce excess mucus while riding, particularly in the winter and allergy months. And, during our rides, we are far more concerned with the trajectory of the two wheels under us than that of our mucus, as it can get all over our faces and bodies (especially our hands), and subsequently our gloves, water bottles, bikes, and unfortunately our riding partners. We are still very much in the throes of flu season, and now we are facing the threat of COVID-19 with confirmed cases in our region. Viral transmission is more likely to occur from exposure to symptomatic individuals, although it’s also possible for asymptomatic individuals to transmit their viral hitchhikers through expelled mucous and aerosolized particles. The individuals most at risk in our communities are those with compromised immune systems and aging populations, and even if we ourselves are healthy and fighting an infection with a robust effort, it is still possible for us to transmit these viruses to those who are less fortunate in the immune system department. 
We have coordinated with local physician, Bob Massey as well as other experts in infectious disease (ie, me) to put forth the following guidelines for group rides: 
  • Please keep your hands to yourself as much as possible. This includes ONLY eating and drinking from YOUR OWN nutrition and hydration stores. 
  • Please take your gloves off at every rest stop, leave them in your helmet before entering a rest stop store or bathroom and wash your hands BEFORE handling anything at rest stops. The granola bars on the shelf can wait until your hands are clean. 
  • If you must forcefully eject your mucous while moving, please be considerate of your neighbors. Just like the shooting component in biathlon, know your target and beyond. 
  • When you return home, please WASH YOUR CLOTHES AND BIKE with soap and warm water. Use ample agitation for clothes and ample friction for your bike frame and tires. 
  • And, lastly and most importantly, if you are feeling under the weather, even slightly, PLEASE STAY HOME. It will do you no favors to be a hero and ride through illness, and may turn you into a villain if you are contagious and ruin other's post-ride plans. 
With enhanced awareness and employment of these hygiene practices, we can all do our part to keep our cycling community healthier and happier. 
Thank you,
Dr. Anne C.M. Hyman, Ph.D

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