Monday, May 4, 2020
While thousands of cyclists get to enjoy our annual Back Roads Century over an entire weekend, the planning and logistics for this event takes nearly a full year.
Beyond negotiating contracts, finding volunteers, setting routes, and securing venues, the Club purchases a lot of supplies for the BRC (and our other events as well.)
A lot of supplies!
Everything from paper napkins and toilet paper to disposable gloves (for food service use), hand sanitizer, bleach, and disinfecting wipes to powdered energy drink. (Thanks, Tailwind!)
If this list looks familiar, it is. These items are exactly what our first responders and medical professionals require for COVID-19 response.
A few weeks ago, Butch Counts reminded the Executive Committee of these supplies, which the Club keeps in storage between events. We unanimously and immediately agreed to donate them to COVID-19 response.
The question then was where?
After several phone calls and emails, we emptied our storage unit and delivered these supplies to the Northern Virginia Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (NoVA VOAD).
This non-profit, as do other such organizations all around the country, helps coordinate the resources of volunteer organizations that aid communities and individuals during times of crisis, such as natural disasters and public health emergencies.
NoVA VOAD works with State and local agencies, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations to make the best use of facilities, supplies, and equipment donated for disaster response and to coordinate the distribution of supplies to avoid duplication of effort.
In many disasters, individuals and organizations donate so many items that receiving, storaging and distributing them can cause huge logistical challenges. (Some donations, unfortunately, even get thrown away.)
The VOADs help ensure the right donated items get to the right place at the right time without overwhelming our first responders.
NoVA VOAD sent our supplies to fire stations, police departments, and medical facilities throughout Northern Virginia to help these brave women and men safely to do their jobs.
Over the past several weeks, many people make sure to thank first responders for their selfless and tireless service to our communities. The Potomac Peddlers now joins them courtesy of our donation to COVID-19 response.
For more information on NoVA VOAD, please visit:
You will find similar organizations in DC and MD.
Stephen Krill
ExCom member at large

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