Monday, November 2, 2020


PPTC will be voting electronically for a bylaw change and the new ExCom members. Invitations to vote will be sent by email to all current members this week. The electronic ballots will be open until 5 pm ET on November 8.


Nominees for Executive Committee:
The nominees for the open positions on the ExCom to serve a two-year term, 2021 - 2022 are:
Member-at-large - Elizabeth Ginexi
Member-at-large - Rudi Riet
VP Operations - Deb Reynolds
Treasurer - Open
Amendment to the Bylaws:
Current Bylaws:
The current composition of the PPTC Executive Committee is stipulated in the Bylaws, as amended 12/4/2017, as:
  • a President (whose official title shall be “President,” “Chair,” “Chairman,” “Chairperson” or “Chairwoman” as the person serving in that capacity shall prefer),
  • a Secretary,
  • a Treasurer, and
  • four Members-at-large for a total ExCom of 7 individuals.
Proposed Change:

  • a President (whose official title shall be “President,” “Chair,” “Chairman,” “Chairperson” or “Chairwoman” as the person serving in that capacity shall prefer),
  • a Secretary,
  • a Treasurer, 
  • a Vice President for the Century, and
  • five Members-at-large for a total ExCom of 9 individuals.
The ExCom proposes to amend the Bylaws to add 2 positions: A Vice President for the Century, and an additional member-at-large, for a total of 9 individuals. Of the current 4 members-at-large, one serves as the Vice President for Operations, and one serves as Vice President for Special Events. The remaining 2 members-at-large are actively engaged in communications, soliciting support for the club, outreach to the larger community, and other activities in support of the club’s mission. The ExCom views it as critical to establish the position of Vice President for the Century to enable the person serving in that position to have direct involvement with the management of the club, including addressing budgetary issues, and to support successful Back Roads Century event in the future. An additional member-at-large would be very helpful in expanding the social media presence of the club and further engaging in community activities. Addition of these 2 positions to the ExCom requires approval of the PPTC membership.

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