Good News

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
This incident occurred at the end of a recent Seagull Century ride. My son and I were riding in traffic near the end of the ride. There were cars on the left and sidewalk with no vehicles on the right. We came to an intersection with traffic being directed by a young cop. He waved us through. My arms were so weak from the long ride that I couldn’t balance the bike when squeezing between the cars and the sidewalk. I fell over without anyone touching me. The look on the cops face was priceless. It was incredulous and seemed to question “what is your problem”? No one had touched me.
I hurt my ribs and cut my knee. Since I was on blood thinners, there was a fair amount of blood streaming down my leg. I was a sight. 
We managed to ride the remaining mile or so and had our picture taken at the finish.
I now have a picture of this dedicated bike rider making a turn into the finish line with blood streaming down his leg. What dedication! What a finish!
Martin Sultan

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