Maryland Endurance Challenge May - 2019

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Maryland Endurance Challenge

Twelve, Six, & Three Hour Cycling Challenge Events

Benefiting SHIP of Frederick County

May 18, 2019

Emmitsburg, Maryland


David T. Whitaker


Now in their third year, the Maryland Endurance Challenge is a nationally recognized ultramarathon cycling event that is open to top ultramarathon cyclists and to amateur cyclists. It is an opportunity to test yourself against the clock to see how far your bicycle and legs will take you over a predetermined, non-mountainous, course along the well paved and little trafficked roads in north Frederick County, MD.

The Maryland Challenge includes three cycling events, the Mason-Dixon 3-Hour, the Free State 6-Hour, and the U.S. National 12-Hour Championship. Mount Saint Mary’s University is the local host for the Challenge.

Each event is chip-timed, and draft-legal, it's a great opportunity for riders of all calibers to test their early season fitness along roads that are well known by most Potomac Pedaler members. The ride starts and ends at Mount St. Mary’s University near Emmitsburg, which is easily accessible along MD15 between Thurmont and Emmitsburg. 

Proceeds from the Maryland Endurance Challenge benefit SHIP of Frederick County, which provides relief and support to homeless public school students in Frederick, MD. (See below.)  

Most importantly, you don’t have to be a competitive racer or endurance athlete to ride the Challenge. The event is open to all cyclists who want to test their legs at a timed cycling event. Also, there are snacks and drinks at two checkpoints along the 34-mile loop.

Maryland Endurance Challenge FAQ’s:

The World UltraCycling Association (WUCA) has again selected this event as the National 12-HOUR Championship Race.

Note: There will be a podium ceremony about half an hour after the event.

** Medals will be awarded to the top three male and the top three female finishers in each of the three events. 

** The male and female winners of the 12-hour race will officially be awarded their NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP status – with a special medal, and a champion’s cycling jersey.

** Race organizers will post detailed results by age range and bike type on our web site, and all UMCA-members will have their results added to their UMCA UltraCup standings.

Registration for the Maryland Endurance Challenge on May 18, 2019:

SHIP (the Student’s Homeless Initiative Partnership of Frederick County) provides relief and support to the hundreds of Frederick County Public School (FCPS) students who are encountering homelessness.

SHIP chose to take the initiative and do what’s right, take care of urgent needs, and do it now. SHIP works in tandem with Frederick County Public Scholls and several Frederick County human service agencies, to provide food, clothing and shelter for these children in need.

Poverty and homelessness are pervasive within America’s schools, and Frederick County students are not immune. They exist in every city, town, village and hamlet within Frederick County. During the 2015-2016 School Year, homeless students were located in 61 of the 66 public schools in Frederick County. This issue cuts across all grades and all ethnicities. And the numbers continue to grow each school year.

SHIP began in 2013 with the discovery that a 12-year old middle school boy who, living without parents, was in urgent need of a single pair of shoes to replace his broken down flip flops, and with winter approaching fast. Two days later, with the help of dozens in the community, we were able to provide much for this child, to only discover that he was only one of over 600 children in FCPS that were experiencing homelessness at that time.

How you can help, donate or get involved in SHIP:

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!



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