Meet the ExCom

2020 Executive Committee (ExCom)

President - Anne Hyman

Anne has been an avid cyclist since she borrowed a friend's mountain bike to commute to work during the gasoline crisis of 2008. Since then, she's taken the cycling world by the hoods and has also become a marathoner and Ironman triathlete. Over the past year she was adopted by the Rockville Wootton High School ride group and has forged friendships and calves of steel while climbing the hills and mountains of Maryland. 

Anne holds a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology, and is focused on disease diagnosis and prevention. She served on her student government board as the social coordinator of her Doctorate program at Virginia Tech for several years, organizing events that focused on inclusivity and camaraderie between students as well as faculty. As a newly-minted ExComm member, she will strive to improve membership experience as well as invite members of the surrounding community to join us and expand the club. She has diligently volunteered in the DC area at several sporting events, as a Smithsonian Evolution Hall ambassador, and is also an Ambassador for the local nonprofit iControlMyHealth. 

When she isn't dreaming of riding or out on her Ruby, you can find Anne at home talking to the plants in her garden, playing mad scientist in her kitchen, or enjoying a moment of free time with her husband and two cats.


Vice President, Operations - Deb Reynolds

Deb Reynolds has been a member of Potomac Pedalers since the early 2000’s. Deb joined the club after she and her sons completed riding the C&O canal and she was bitten by the cycling bug. She traded her hybrid for a road bike and never looked back.

Since that time Deb has led rides, volunteered for numerous events for the club, served on the ExCom twice, once as Membership Secretary, and has served as a ride coordinator. Deb also co-led the century once and was intimately involved another year when the ExCom ran it.

Deb has seen the club through many changes and knows there will be more to come.  She wants to see the club grow and would like the club to have a bright future. Deb wants to work to ensure the club has as strong a fiscal and structural plan as possible to take us into the next few years.


Treasurer - Warren Farb

I’ve been a bike rider since about age six. I delivered newspapers by bike for about 5 years. First joined PPTC in the early 70s. I commuted by bike from Bethesda to various downtown locations for 27 years. I now commute downtown for various volunteer activities and I’ve been leading “The Usual Monday Ride from Glen Echo” for numerous years. I average between 6,000 and 7,000+ miles a year.
Professionally I was an economist specializing in macro policy and international tax. I retired in 2004. I’ve worked for the Federal Reserve, Library of Congress (CRS), the Senate Budget Committee, Department of Commerce, and Council of Economic Advisers. After retiring from the Government in 1997 I worked for Arthur Andersen and Deloitte as a tax consultant.


Member-at-Large - Ed Hazelwood

Ed Hazelwood has been a member of the club for about 16 years and an avid cyclist for many more years than that. I recently retired from Aviation Week & Space Technology, but with all of the freelance work it does not feel like I retired. I have been able to travel a lot internationally and combine that with bicycle riding. The high points of my cycling life have included two trips to the Tour d’ France, climbing Alpe d’Huez, riding thru much of southern France and northern and southern Germany, as well as attending parts of the Tour of Great Britain and the Vuelta a España. PPTC has given me so much in terms of riding and meeting and making friends. My first involvement was in leading rides, mostly out of Maryland even though I live in Virginia. This is my second time on the ExCom. I’ve been involved on several Back Roads Centuries and have worked to keep the Tenley Town Thursday night rides rocking and rolling. With changes mandated by the pandemic my intent is to stay focused on driving membership and sponsorship.



Secretary - Carol D. Linden *

Carol Linden has ridden with the Pedalers for about 20 years, eventually becoming a CC ride leader.  Her involvement with the club expanded when she served as an at-large member of the ExCom for 2 years, and then as the editor of the late, great paper version of the Pedal Patter for 4 years.  After stepping down as editor, she took on the position of MD/DC CC Ride Coordinator and has continued to lead rides frequently, mostly in her favorite locale, the Montgomery County MD Agricultural Reserve, and often in conjunction with ride leaders in faster categories.  When not riding one of her bikes, Carol served as the director of a small office within the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Food and Drug Administration and had an over 40 year career in various agencies of the federal government.  Since retiring at the end of January, 2020 (straight into a pandemic), she has accumulated many more miles riding.

Member-at-Large - Stephen Krill*
Since rejoining the Club about 6 years ago, I served in several roles:
1. Recording Secretary
2. BRC Committee member
3. VA Ride Coordinator for BB/B
4. Ride leader for various group rides
5. BTWD and USAF Classic volunteer
I initiated relationships with vendors, such as Kind, and did outreach to local bike shops.
I tried to support the Club to the best of my ability.
The Club means much to me. It's given me lasting friendships, memorable adventures, and even a few  misadventures.
I want this Club to thrive.
For me this means to responsibly service our members and our communities. To grow our membership and strengthen our relationships with other organizations. To keep cycling fun and create lasting memories.
In addition to our own events, I rode large rides, such as RAGBRAI, Mt.Dora, Mt. Mitchell, Five Boros, Seagull Century, and most recently CAAM 200. Next year is Natchez Trace. (Anyone care to join us?)
Professionally I serve as a senior executive for a government contractor. I also support a few local charities advocating for improvements in education, nutrition, and housing.


Member-at-Large - Catherine Kitchell*

Catherine was the editor of Pedal Patter, the former print newsletter of Potomac Pedalers, from 2003 to 2005. She was the Chair-elect and Chair of Potomac Pedalers from 2006-2007. She ran the Lewes weekend for many years as well as the Shenandoah weekend and has run the tomato sandwich rest stop for the Century as long as she can remember having a crazy excessive amount of cutting boards in her kitchen to attest to that. Additionally, she was the recipient of the Linda Tischer PPTC Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. She works for Bloomberg Law and has had a variety of positions in her professional association, Special Libraries Association. She currently is Chair of the Legal Division of SLA.



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