Member-At-Large On The Road - December 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017

Membership Has Its Benefits

by Mary Ann Breunig

It was early, I was late, and yet I stopped.  At first I rushed by the window, but then I stopped and returned to the window.  It was Friday and the Crew class was starting in 10 minutes.  As I stood there, in front of the window, I re-read the words on the paper taped to the window. 

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”

Simply stated but profound words.

That day, the 45 minutes of rowing did not feel like another “to do,” it felt like a gift.  It felt like a small step in improving my fitness and strength.  I think I rowed with a little more intensity that morning.  

Who did I want to be?

What I did that Friday morning was keep my commitment to daily exercise, to finishing a ten week class, to working hard that morning, to improving my strength/flexibility, and ultimately to being more fit and healthy.  So a seemingly small act was in reality profound.

As I reflected on this past year as your Member-at-Large, I realized what I saw as an opportunity to give back was also a step in my personal journey.  While researching and writing monthly articles, I learned more about cycling.  It also taught me the importance of planning ahead, editing, and developing a “voice.”  As a member of the Executive Committee, not only did I learn about our club but have found that I am passionate about improving our membership experience and our communications.

So, Who are you?

This club is for you if you are an experience cyclist, if you are new to cycling, if your longest ride is 10 miles or 110 miles.  It is your club if you are 25 or if you are 65, man or woman, fit or aspiring to fitness.  Whether you are a casual rider, a triathlete, or just passionate about the bike, members share are common bond—their active interest in cycling.

And Who do you want to be?

This is complicated or maybe it is simple for you.  You want to be an “A”  “B” “C” or “D” level cyclist?  Is your aspiration to become an athlete with goals of racing, riding century rides, or becoming a triathlete? 

Maybe the day has come when you can no longer run—too hard on the knees or back or feet.  Cycling offers you a way to stay active or competitive that is easier on your joints.

You have a spouse/friend/colleague who rides.   You want to be part of the group.  Maybe your are new to the area, and are looking for a group to ride with?

Start Today!

Don’t wait for the perfect time, the right plan, or until you’re totally prepared.  It really is a journey, it really does start with the first step.  And that first step can be as simple as joining Potomac Pedalers, becoming a Ride Leader, Volunteering, or Running for the Board!  You are now part of a community that will support your next steps.  The only things you need to do are to “ask” and to “show up.”

Remember, the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

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