Member-At-Large On The Road - February 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018


by Mary Ann Breunig


What's a biker to do when the weather is sometimes uncooperative and you're left dreaming about days of longer daylight and fun in the sun? On a recent cold February day, after seeing a lone cyclist cruise on by, I took it as a sign to explore what Adventure Cycling has to offer. As you may recall, Adventure Cycling was a sponsor of the annual club membership meeting this past December. We have long been a subscriber to Adventure Cyclist, a publication of the Adventure Cycling Association.

Skimming their February Tours & Events issue, looking for inspiration, it was easy to be overwhelmed with options. There are cycling adventures for all different demographics—from Under 30 to Women to Family. Are you a new traveling cyclist? There’s a trip to teach you how to prepare for and complete a multi-day ride. Many trips are self-supported and include camping and packing gear.

Nothing really jumped out at me as a “Must Do!” I liked the idea of a multi-day ride, maybe some camping (with some car support), I wasn’t sure I was ready to commit to seven days of riding and camping. The idea of riding with a group was intriguing...but I ruled out under 30 and Family...then checking out the category of Women, found not much to offer. Perhaps there was a fantastic location that would lure me in?

Tucked into a column on page 44 (but also on their website home page), was an interesting option called “Bike Travel Weekend.” This is Adventure Cycling’s third annual Bike Travel Weekend (June 1-3). It is your chance to go on the adventure that works for you! In the past two years almost 20,000 folks have gone on their adventure! There’s an entire website at dedicated to helping you plan your adventure.

Registration is free! Everyone entered also has the chance to win some really fun door prizes! So, stay tuned to how the planning is going and learn next month WHERE is our Adventure Weekend?

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!