Member-At-Large On The Road - Final Words for 2018: Volunteer, Join, Register!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Member-At-Large On the Road

Final Words for 2018:  Volunteer, Join, Register!

Dear Friends,

Yes, even though we may not have met, I have found our PPTC members to be a friendly bunch!  Mostly of good cheer and definitely passionate about cycling.  Our club embraces many levels of cycling—from the triathlete to the casual weekend rider.

While our cycling events ebb & flow, the backbone of our club is the strength of our Ride Schedule.  Let’s support our Ride Leaders & Ride Coordinators as they begin to focus attention on ensuring we have a large/interesting/inclusive Ride Calendar.  Contact our VP of Operations, Deb Reynolds, to learn more and VOLUNTEER!

Still waffling about becoming a PPTC Member?  If you’re enjoying the benefits of membership, including joining our casual rides and enjoying our weekend travel events, how about doing the right thing and supporting the club with your membership?  Yup, you can “make” the ride leaders ask you to become a member but let’s give them a break, and JOIN!

One final request, REGISTER on-line for your rides!  And if you change your mind at the last minute, CANCEL on-line.  This is for both your and the Ride Leader’s benefit.  Yup, some folks are of the view of “why should I have to do anything but show up?”  Again, seriously, this is just common curtesy to let your Ride Leader know you are coming and to minimize the paperwork they must do because you couldn’t be bothered to simply REGISTER.

Mary Ann Breunig

PPTC Member-at-Large















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