Member-At-Large On The Road - January 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

Embracing 2018!

by Mary Ann Breunig

Every year on January 1st do you join the millions of people and set your New Year’s resolutions or goals? From interviews to articles, there is a wealth of advice on how to set your goals and how to improve your chances of achieving them. As I thought about setting my goals for 2018, I began to wonder what are the goals of the other riders in our cycling club?

Some folks set specific, measurable goals for the year. If you track your mileage, you likely aspire to hit an amazing number like 5,000! Or possibly you have a specific ride you’re focused on, such as riding a century? Are you one of our riders tracking the states you have cycled through?

Perhaps you have a “Bucket List” of experiences to select your 2018 goal from? There was a classic article in Reader’s Digest (many years ago) called “50 Things to do Before You Die.” Over the past twenty years this has become almost a cliche’, but the one thing I remember from the article is that some things take time. What is on your Bucket List?

Do you have “One Word” for 2018? Some riders have an inspirational theme, saying, or even “one word” as their resolution for 2018. “Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of imagination,” Ludwig Wittgenstein. What is your word? Action, Dare, Effort, Patience, Encourage—Zeal!

Well, it’s time to act. Every January 1st I get a double-dose of that urge to set my intentions for the year. For me it’s the combination of a new year and a birthday—all in a single day! My one word last year was “patience” and this year it’s “connection.” It is amazing how often the word “patience” crept into my thoughts and actions last year. I am looking forward to seeing what the word “connection” will bring!

On my bucket list for the past several years is a fall ride on the eastern edge of Yosemite—Mammoth Falls Gran Fondo. While I am not a climber, this event offers many options for distance and degree of difficulty. This September my cycling group is putting together a group of riders for this event. (If interested in learning more, send me a note.)

Now for one of my SMART (specific measurable achievable relevant time-bound) goals—complete a Sprint Tri with an outdoor swim component. A couple of years ago I finally took swimming lessons and learned to swim with my face in the water! The next year I progressed to overcoming my fear of swimming in deep water (aka any depth over my head). And last year I actually swam in open water from point to point!!

In order to achieve this goal I will need to work on my swimming form. From years of running and cycling, my swimming kick is much like a pedal stroke—not the best for speed in the water. My goal is to find a local-ish event for late summer. If you are contemplating a Sprint Tri—you can do this as part of a relay or even in a pool where you can walk it! Cycling really gives you an advantage in this event!

Now it’s your turn! We’ll setup an on-line forum to share our 2018 goals and encourage each other. Time to set your goals!

One Word—Bucket List—SMART Goal

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