Member-At-Large On The Road - May 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This column has been temporarily suspended. Below is the most current column.

Adventure Cycling's FREE Events

by Mary Ann Breunig

As an inaugural sponsor of our club’s annual meeting (December 2018), Adventure Cycling Association supports and advocates for cycling for every day people.  Long known for their extensive cycling route maps, tireless advocacy work, award-winning magazine and adventure travel, today Adventure Cycling continues their outreach with two world-wide signature events: Bike Travel Weekend (June 1-3, 2018) and Bike Your Park Day (September 29, 2018). Recently we interviewed Eva Dunn-Froebig, the Events & Outreach Coordinator, about the company and the upcoming Bike Travel Weekend.

As of April 30th, Bike Travel Weekend 2018 has over 6,000 registered participants. There is still time to register your ride or to join a ride! Here’s a sample of rides  planned in our area—Riding the Ridge, Susie’s First, Escape from the Swamp, and Return to Swains Lock!

Bike Travel Weekend is a free event. For more information, checkout my February Member-at-Large article about the upcoming Bike Travel Weekend.

Bike Your Park Day... all Ride Leaders and cyclists, mark your calendars for Saturday, September 29th, Bike Your Park Day. Wouldn’t it be spectacular for Potomac Pedalers to sponsor 10 rides in our local area parks! If you are interested in leading one of these rides, please contact

In 2016, to celebrate Adventure Cycling Association’s 40th anniversary and the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, Adventure Cycling Association launched two annual events, Bike Travel Weekend 2018 and Bike Your Park Day.  In the first two years, these annual events have attracted over 20,000 participants! 

Adventure Cycling Association is the largest non-profit, cycling organization in North America.  They are based in Missoula, Montana.  With over 53,000 members, Adventure Cycling Association annually welcomes over 1,000 cyclists who “drop in” to say hello! 

From the beginning their focus has been on travel by bicycle.  Founded in 1973, their first event, Bikecentennial ‘76, launched the company and celebrated our nation’s bi-centennial. This event consisted of a series of bicycle tours on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail—4,250 miles crossing ten states, 22 national forests, two national parks, and 112 counties from Oregon to Virginia.  

Following the success of the bicentennial summer and the TransAmerica BicycleTrail, Adventure Cycling began charting additional long-distance routes for cyclists.  Today they have over 46,000 miles of routes, offer over 100 guided tours each year, and host two annual world-wide initiatives, Bike Travel Weekend and Bike Your Park Day.

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!