Our Rides

Every day of the year you can ride with Potomac Pedalers. Whether you live in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, are a novice, casual, or competitive cyclist, want to ramble a path or complete a century, we have a ride for you. In addition to our weekend and weekday rides, we sponsor many WOMEN'S RIDES and SPECIAL EVENTS throughout the year. Come discover the National Capital Metropolitan area and the surrounding countryside with us! View the current RIDE SCHEDULE.

Pick Your Ride

Distances for Potomac Pedalers rides can range from 10 miles to 75 miles and average speeds range from 8 to more than 20 miles per hour. That is a wide spread and choosing a ride that fits you is important to your enjoyment. A good place to start is the RIDE CLASS TABLE which shows average distances and riding speeds. Potomac Pedalers organizes rides by pace and the Ride Class Table will help you see where you might fit. We generally recommend new riders to the Club start with a ride paced a level or two below where they think they are.

Check out the HOW TO'S section under Our Rides to learn how to read the riding schedule.

If you have no idea where to start, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US! We can even help find a buddy for your first ride or two until you are more familiar with the Club. Our members are our strength!

Other Types of Rides

The ride schedule will also list specialty (Tandem, Women's) and special event (multi-day) rides. Check the website often for mention of our upcoming special rides and weekends!

Lead a Ride!

Potomac Pedalers has so many ride options because people like you lead rides! There would be no rides if not for our volunteer ride leaders. We always need new ride leaders! Please consider offering to lead a ride you would like to do. You can co-lead a ride until you're ready to fly solo. For more information on how to lead or how to get a ride on the schedule, click here.

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!