How To's

How to Read the Ride Schedule

At first glance a ride listing might be confusing so let's break it down.


A/BB/B * 43 * MD * 2:00 PM * Weekly Tuesday ride out of Laytonsville
Layton Village Shopping Center (LAV)
Location:Laytonsville, MD

A/BB/B = The letters (A, BB, B, CC, C, D) refer to the RIDE CLASS, or the average speed of the ride. When a ride listing shows multiple classes, it means the ride invites riders from all those ride classes and will have riders going multiple paces. These are called multi-class rides.
43 = The number shows the expected ride distance.
MD = Shows the region (mostly will be MD, DC, VA; sometimes WV, or PA)
2:00 PM = Shows the time the ride starts. People will start gathering 15-30 minutes earlier than the ride start time shown to get ready for the ride. There is no rule on when you must show up, but the expectation is to be ready to roll by the ride start time.
Weekly Tuesday Ride... = The ride name.
Layton Village Shopping Center (LAV) = Shows the actual RIDE START LOCATION.
Location:Laytonsville, MD = The town the ride is located in.

The blue Add to Calendar button will allow you to add the ride to your personal online calendar.

To receive a  full ride description, click on the red ride information. The page will offer complete directions as well as the ride leader contact information.


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