How To Read A Cue Sheet

Potomac Pedalers cue sheets are created and submitted by its members, and each cue sheet may be in a slightly different in format and style. Generally, they will all follow the same basic guidelines with data in a column and row format. Each column would contain -

  • Cumulative distance of the ride
  • Optional distance between turns
  • The maneuver at each intersection - turn left, go straight, etc.
  • Name of road with route number if applicable
  • Special instructions such as a T intersection or hazard warnings such as RR tracks

Each line on the cue sheet will represent a "leg" of the ride; meaning the distance that you remain on that particular road. For example, on the cue sheet below on the right, you will go start at mile 0.00 and turn right on Westwood Road. After 1.2 miles you will then turn Right on Senseny Road , (T) intersection. This is considered one leg of the ride. Most rides will have one or more rest stops, and they'll be noted on the cue sheet on a separate line. On the example below, the first rest stop is at mile 28.0, South Jefferson ES. The table below on the left, lists some of the acronyms which you are likely to see on cue sheets. These are the most common symbols which you will encounter, however you may come across other acronyms that aren't listed here. Ask your ride leader if you're unsure of of any cue sheet symbols or nomenclature.

Symbol Meaning
L Left
R Right
X Cross
BL Bear Left
BR Bear Right
TL Traffic Light
RS Rest Stop
TRO To Remain On
C or S Continue or Straight
SS Stop Sign
TI or BEC Turns Into or
Becomes (road changes name)

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