The Potomac Pedalers’ 2019 Order of the Cast Iron Crotch

Thursday, October 1, 2020
By Bruce Johnson
With 2020 well underway, it is past time to remember a better year: 2019. We had 25 members who submitted their riding statistics for the 2019 Order of the Cast Iron Crotch -- that hardy bunch who manage to ride more than 5,000 miles in a year. The king of the leaderboard for 2019 was Barry Sherry, who racked up 10,150 miles of riding and rode every day during the course of the year. (Perhaps we need a Stainless Steel designation?)
There were 25 members of this elite group last year, and they rode a total of 162,956 miles. The safety record was down a bit, with a ratio of one crash per 23,000 miles vs. one per 32,000 miles in 2018. The median age of this group is 65 years, with three gentlemen holding the “oldest” ranking at 78 years. Three of our high-mileage members are women.
I was curious about the ride lengths these people are riding and added a couple of columns to my spreadsheet to calculate the average ride length for days ridden and was a little surprised to see that Barry averaged 28 miles per day and 195 miles per week. It’s not so much a matter of going out for long rides as it is just getting the bike out the door and pedaling.
I need to close with a note of apology for the delay in getting this together. People who know me know that I am as distractible as a squirrel, and the distractions of 2020 did a number on my to-do list. If it looks like I’m taking too long with this next year, please send me an email to nudge me. May the rest of your 2020 be filled with fun, safe riding.

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