President's Page August 2020

Friday, July 31, 2020
Greetings Fellow Pedalers,
As we’re rounding into August and the last full month of Summer, and hopefully the last gasp of this torrid heat index streak, I’m writing this while anxiously awaiting the results of my COVID-19 test. Even through all the care, elevated biosafety hygiene, and distancing that I’ve been practicing, I’ve come down with something, and I’m not letting this hang in the wind, just in case. Fingers crossed for negative results (and also for my husband, who has been a saint dealing with me for the past several days). This is also a good opportunity to remind everyone that COVID-19 does not care who it infects, which is why our group activities are still on hiatus, and I implore all of you to maintain the highest abundance of care and precaution as our area is still seriously dealing with the pandemic.
This is also a great opportunity to remind all of you that outside of our riding activities, your membership offers a couple of fantastic benefits:
First, we have partnerships with the majority of our region’s bike shops, and they will offer a discount to you if you show them proof of your PPTC membership. We’re working on a project to update our list of bike shop partners and are going to place decals in the windows of these shops to show the mutual support and love in our cycling community.
Second, while you’re our riding solo or with your small group of trusted friends right now, your membership avails you of our club’s private yet extensive Ride with GPS route library. You will be surprised at how many routes may be right outside your door (or in the merciful shade!), so spend some time looking through and using this incredible resource.
Third, if you do get the chance to escape somewhere fun to ride outside of our region, we have bike boxes for rent at a nominal cost. Considering the price of a solidly-constructed hard case is upwards of $400-500, this is a PPTC benefit that you don’t want to forget about.
And last but not least, right now your membership gives you a discount on the Back Yards Century, taking place between September 12th-27th.
Have you registered for the Back Yards Century yet? We’re closing in on six weeks to go until the kickoff of our virtual event! Unlike our in-person events, there’s no need to hold your breath while looking at the long-distance forecast to decide if you’d like to register. Plus, the BYC benefits Phoenix Bikes, a local and very worthy cause to elevate the next generation of cyclists in our community.
And speaking of community, this month I am closing my letter by highlighting another virtual event. There is a consort of cyclists riding from Minneapolis to DC, beginning on August 1st, and arriving on August 28th, the anniversary of the March on Washington. Their Ride on Washington will raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement, and their ride will highlight and evoke further discourse on the nation’s current journey for equality and justice. Head to our website to check out the full event details and register for the event here.
I hope you are all finding meaningful ways to move on two wheels while taking proper precautions with this awful heat.
Be safe, ride well, Allez.

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!