President's Page December 2020

Monday, November 30, 2020
by Anne C. M. Hyman — President PPTC

It’s December, Pedalers!
Thank you to all who attended or viewed the club’s first ever virtual annual meeting, and also to those who voted for our By-Laws amendment and new ExCom members. We had unprecedented turnout for voting (see, you CAN use that word in a positive manner this year!) and my hope is to keep the virtual platform available to those who may not be able to attend an in-person meeting in the future. Also, a hearty congratulations to our new Executive Committee members Joe Pixley, who will serve as Treasurer, and Rudi Riet and Robin Sparer who will serve as members-at-large! I am thrilled to be able to work with you all as we move into 2021. And, a thank you to Warren Farb for serving as the club’s Treasurer for the past four years; we appreciate all that you’ve done for PPTC in your role!
To get some inspiration to write this year end message, I peeked in on last year’s wish for 2020, and whoo boy… We had some big ideas for 2020 for a membership drive, a media blitz for the BRC, volunteer recruitment efforts, and other initiatives. Sadly, the only real in-person events that happened did so before the heart of our riding season had a chance to begin. I am very proud of the Back Yard Century efforts this fall as a fundraiser for PPTC and Phoenix Bikes, as well as the new website design that we’re going to launch before the calendar page turns again. For the time being, I wish I could say that I’m hosting a bonfire party on New Year’s Eve, so we can burn our 2020 calendars in effigy together, but I will happily settle for seeing all of you for our virtual holiday get-together in a couple of weeks.
It’s been a crazy year for all of us personally and for our club. I never dreamed a year ago that I’d be up many nights wrestling with guidance, ideas, and reactions for a pandemic and what it would all mean to PPTC, instead of counting sheep. To cap off this year’s general sentiment of pandemic angst, we received word at our recent East Coast President’s meeting of a possible COVID transmission case during a group ride in another club. I cannot stress this enough - if you are riding with PPTC, or even with your own bubble, in this new surge of COVID-19, please please wear a mask any time you are not pedaling your bike, and space out as much as physically possible during your rides. For official PPTC rides, it is MANDATORY that you sign up using our electronic form and bring a mask and WEAR IT in the requisite circumstances. We are monitoring the federal, regional, and local guidelines for updated guidance on holding our rides through the winter, and I will provide any updates as they happen.
Even through all of this madness, my wish for PPTC for the new year remains the same as the last - I want to make Potomac Pedalers the most inclusive, welcoming cycling club that exists. There are so many new cyclists out there! When it is healthy and appropriate to do so, we will welcome them with open arms and do what we can to ensure that they feel so at home riding with us that they are eager to be members of our organization. We will have to do a lot of thinking outside of the box next year, and until this pandemic has truly been brought under control and eradicated. But my hope for all of you going into the next year is that your enthusiasm and fondness for PPTC inspires you to help turn this wish into reality. I maintain my promise to keep leading by example, and I hope that you will also keep and fulfill your promise to PPTC to give back in meaningful and appropriate ways in 2021.
Be safe, ride well, allez,

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