President's Page - February 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018

I hope that this finds you all enjoying the pleasures of your wheeled, human powered conveyances regardless of the number of wheels; regardless whether you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or sitting back; regardless of whether you are wearing spandex or a tee shirt and jeans.

I want to start this month’s conversation with an introduction of two new members of the ExCom who were not introduced last month. David Whitaker is our new Recording Secretary and Anne Hyman is the new Vice President Special Events.

David Whitaker was drawn to PPTC in the early 1990’s in the Frederick Fall Frolic. An abundance of cue sheets and unexplored roads in and around the Catoctin Mountain opened up a wealth of cycling opportunities for him and he became an avid PPTC member. For a decade or more he has scoped out and led rides for the club and sought new opportunities for cycling outreach and advocacy. Now he finally has the time to lend some of his expertise to the ExCom. He has extensive experience in regional transportation and infrastructure planning, as well as in local bicycle and pedestrian planning. He has served on the board of his state professional organization and has organized past bicycle tour events. His cycling interests include introducing and overcoming the perceived barriers of new riders to bicycling, introducing Millennial cyclists to bicycle touring, and building current club events with a particular emphasis on the opportunities afforded by the superb Back Roads Century. Lastly, the great cycling champion Eddy Merckx encompassed his love for cycling with these seventeen words: “Ride as much or as little, or as long or a short as you feel. But ride.”

Anne Hyman has been an avid cyclist since she borrowed a friend's mountain bike to commute to work during the gasoline crisis of 2008. Since then, she's taken the cycling world by the hoods and has also become a marathoner and Ironman triathlete. Over the past year she was adopted by the Rockville Wootton High School ride group and has forged friendships and calves of steel while climbing the hills and mountains of Maryland. Anne holds a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology, and is focused on disease diagnosis and prevention. She served on her student government board as the social coordinator of her Doctorate program at Virginia Tech for several years, organizing events that focused on inclusivity and camaraderie between students as well as faculty. As a newly-minted ExCom member, she will strive to improve membership experience as well as invite members of the surrounding community to join us and expand the club. She has diligently volunteered in the DC area at several sporting events, as a Smithsonian Evolution Hall ambassador, and is also an Ambassador for the local nonprofit iControlMyHealth. When she isn't dreaming of riding or out on her Ruby, you can find Anne at home talking to the plants in her garden, playing mad scientist in her kitchen, or enjoying a moment of free time with her husband and two cats.

I was disappointed that I did not see more of you at the Volunteer Party. The food was excellent and the price, free, was very reasonable. I hope that you will consider volunteering for the Club in some capacity and join us next year. Prior to the Volunteer Party, the ExCom held a meeting. I am excited about the qualifications, the enthusiasm, and the ideas generated by this group. They have hit the deck running and I expect that their ideas will bring outstanding value to your membership.

Thank you and keep the rubber side down.

Bob Bernstein

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