President's Page - January 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018

I hope that this finds you all enjoying the pleasures of your wheeled, human powered conveyances regardless of the number of wheels; regardless whether you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or sitting back; regardless of whether you are wearing spandex or a tee shirt and jeans. I managed to get a few miles in at the end of last year while in Florida for the holidays.

I want to start this month’s conversation with an introduction of two new members of the ExCom who will be running the Back Roads Century:

Sallie Williams recently retired from Federal contracting. Her most recent position was as head of operations for a Systems Engineering company in Arlington where she handled finance, contracts, proposals, and HR. She has loved biking since she was in her twenties. With little training, she said “yes” to biking the Trans Am (then Bikecentennial) from East to West right after college. That decision led her to a lifetime of fun on two wheels. Although she is a relatively new member of PPTC, she has participated in many Mid-Atlantic rides like Bike Virginia, Bike MS, and Alzheimer's Association fundraisers. She likes to combine biking and travel and has done tours through Germany and Italy. She loves the camaraderie and community spirit of small group rides like her local neighborhood mini-triathlon and larger events like the Pumpkin Ride in Warrenton. She is looking forward to meeting new biking friends while serving on the ExCom.

Ed Hazelwood has been a club member for a dozen years or so. He has been a ride leader for most of that time, leading many rides in Maryland even though he lives in Virginia. Also he has been involved in the Tenley Town Thursday night rides in the District and has managed the Club’s largest Bike to Work Day stand in Rosslyn for the last three years. He has always wanted to get involved at the ExCom level but needed to wait until the extraordinary travel requirements of his job allowed the time. He wants to use his ExCom position to get very well versed in all things related to the Back Roads Century in order to help make that a sparkling example of what we can all do together. He loves cycling and all (or at least most) of the people involved in it. He has done a lot of “give back” in his professional life and now looks forward to giving back in the fun and social part of his life.

Ed was elected to the ExCom by vote of the members at the Annual Meeting in December. He has agreed to serve as Deputy to the Vice President, Century. Sallie was tentative about committing to the ExCom as she felt she did not have the requisite qualifications. However, after discussions with me and a few discussions with the former Vice Chair, Century, Eric Pilsk and Ed, she agreed to join the ExCom. Subsequent to her being voted onto the Committee by the ExCom at their next meeting, I plan on appointing her Vice President, Century. There are two additional new members of the ExCom: David Whitaker is our new recording secretary and Anne Hyman is our new Vice President, Special Events. Meet them and the returning ExCom members in our new Meet the ExCom page.

You might have noticed that I used different titles in the paragraph above when referring to Eric’s position and to Sallie’s future position along with the renamed column. Through the hard work of Stephanie Tsacoumis and Paul Huey-Burns, the ByLaws were revised to reflect present laws and the present Club organization. The changes were accepted unanimously by the members voting at the Annual Meeting. The ByLaws had referred to my position as the “Chairman” while most everyone in the Club, striving for political correctness, referred to the position as the “Chair.” A survey of regional cycling clubs revealed that only two clubs had a chairman. So to be more streamlined and to be in keeping with a term that will be recognized, my position is now “President.”  The President has the authority to organize the ExCom in the manner which he or she feels is most efficient. I have stayed with the recommendation of the ExCom previous to my election who voted three vice chairs and have just changed the title to reflect the new nomenclature.

I want to encourage everyone who volunteered in any capacity last year (2017), to attend the Volunteer Party on Saturday, 20 January at 6 PM in the Fairlington Community Center (3308 S Stafford St, Arlington, VA 22206). The Club will provide a main dish and we encourage everyone to bring a side dish, dessert, or drink to share.

Thank you, stay warm and keep the rubber side down.

Bob Bernstein

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