President's Page - January 2019

Thursday, January 3, 2019

I hope that this finds you all enjoying the pleasures of your wheeled, human powered conveyances regardless of the number of wheels; regardless whether you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or sitting back; regardless of whether you are wearing spandex or a tee shirt and jeans. It looks like the new year will begin much as the old one ended, with rain; lots of rain. We shattered the annual record for rainfall by almost ten (10) inches and exceeded the normal annual total by 30 inches!

I want to thank Margaret McBride and Dalis Davidson who have volunteered to co-lead the backroads Century this year (2019). They will be able to build upon the good work accomplished last year by Sallie Williams and will be assisted again by Ed Hazelwood. It is hard working volunteers like these who make our Club one of the best in the country. Their volunteering is even more incredible in that they have not run anything like this before. Kudos for stepping out of your comfort zone. We will have many members and help from Shepherd University to help you.

Speaking of volunteers, one of the ways that we hope to get more people to volunteer in the coming years is to be more specific as to the Club’s needs. Rather than a general call (plead) for volunteers, we are going to create a separate page on the website where specific opportunities will be listed. These will be accompanied by a short description of what the job entails, the estimated time it will take and the period in which the job will be relevant. We hope to also allow sign ups for these positions on line.

Last month I had stated that we were going to send out a questionnaire to the Membership to follow up the discussions we had at the annual meeting. It is taking a bit more time to put the survey together. We have reached out to a professional to ensure the survey is neutral and that we are able to capture your ideas. If you have volunteered and worked in any capacity for the Club in 2018, you are invited to the Volunteer Appreciation Party. Your volunteering could have been as a Ride Leader or assisting with the Annual Meeting. Serving on a committee or helping with a Special Event. Please stay tuned to the website and your email for further details.

Thank you and keep the rubber side down.
Bob B.

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