President's Page - June 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I hope that this finds you all enjoying the pleasures of your wheeled, human powered conveyances regardless of the number of wheels; regardless whether you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or sitting back; regardless of whether you are wearing spandex or a tee shirt and jeans.

“April showers bring May flowers.” This ditty has been around for as long as I can remember, and I’m no spring chicken! The implication here is that the showers stop and the flowers bloom. Unfortunately, the rain has not stopped. This has severely impacted my riding, not to mention destroying my hometown, Ellicott City, once again. The ditty “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.” may finally have been heard. Hopefully, now that June is here, we will be able to dry out and stretch our legs.

There are many rides listed on our website to help us get back into cycling shape. I have seen indications that many rides are not listed until just before the weekend. This was my major concern when we gave ride leaders the opportunity to enter rides directly and without the constraint of Pedal Patter deadlines. This makes it difficult for those of us who are planners to effectively plan our weekends in a timely manner. Mad scrambling is the result to coordinate impromptu rides with friends when a ride in our area with the desired speed and distance are not available. The problem of where to ride is a problem that a cycling club is supposed to solve.

The easiest method to solve this problem is for ride leaders to list their rides earlier. We have a very liberal cancelation policy. Even better is our postponement policy whereby one cancels a ride due to weather or other problem and immediately reschedules it. I ask that ride leaders please schedule their rides as early as possible. I request that ride coordinators redouble their efforts to beat the bushes to encourage listing of rides. The ride coordinators have been doing an excellent job of listing joint rides. And if you do not see a ride you like, please list your favorite ride. If you like it, there will be others who will also like it.

While I am speaking of rides and events, please make sure you put the following on your calendars:

  • The Black Hills Picnic Ride on 16 June. This is the Maryland version of the Nokesville Picnic Ride. Come on out and ride with your friends on the Eastern side of the Potomac River.
  • Happy Hour at Bar Roubaix - join us June 28 for a summer happy hour!
  • The weekend of 10-12 August will debut the Longwood Weekend ride. Having been to Longwood Gardens, Winterthur, and the Wyeth Museum many times in the past without the bike, I am excited about this new ride. It is a beautiful area and I look forward to exploring it from my yellow Litespeed Ultimate. More information on this will be available in the weeks to come.
  • And the mother of all rides, the Back Roads Century will be here before you know it. Besides the century and shorter rides on Sunday, there are rides on Saturday with battlefields, wineries, beautiful scenery, quiet roads, and ice cream. Add in an awesome jersey and, well, what more could you want?

Let me add just a short paragraph on governance. One of the problems with the manner in which we have run the Potomac Pedalers Touring Club, Inc. organization over the years is continuity. In my time as ExCom member, Chairman-Elect, Chairman, and now President, the statement, “I think the ExCom voted to… a few years ago.” Seems to be a constant. However, this information was only available if a member of that ExCom was still involved in governing the Club. We are solving this problem with the publishing of Policy Memos. This will be drafted, organized and published to supplement the ByLaws and provide Membership the information you need to know how your Club is run. It will be a means for the policies of one ExCom to truly become Club policy.

Thank you and keep the rubber side down.

Bob Bernstein

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