President's Page - June 2019

Saturday, June 15, 2019

I am sad to report that a recent Club ride was marred when riders were harassed and forced off the road purposely by a motor vehicle driver. At the time this is written, one cyclist is still in critical condition. We hope for a full recovery. Please see Anne Hyman’s article for more information.

I am writing most of this on Bike-to-Work Day. This is the first time in many years, pouring rain dates excluded, that I have not participated. Working from home has its advantages and at least I looked at my bike today! There are several Club members who routinely use their bicycle to commute to work and others who do so at least today. I would like to recognize and thank the Club volunteers who may have given up the opportunity to ride today in order to help market the Club and Back Roads Century at the rest stops. Thank you. Without volunteers like yourselves, our Club would not be able to function.

Rosslyn Stop

Ed Hazelwood
Stephen Krill
Joan Oppel
Alan Romick


Bob Manka
Fulton Armstrong


Barbara Heffernan

Freedom Plaza

Anne Hyman
Sue Gunter

Denise Cohen
Warren Farb
Jessica Hirschhorn

Takoma Park

Linda Borst Koko


Ron Tripp

The new Co-Chairs for the Backroads Century, Margaret McBride and Dalis Davidson, are continuing the planning and set up for the Back Roads Century weekend. Registration is open on the website. If you plan on attending the Saturday ride through the Antietam Battlefield, you must sign up; it's capped at 200.  Volunteers and a Volunteer Coordinator are still needed. If you like people and would like to help, please contact Margaret, Dalis, or myself (, “Volunteer” in Subject Line) or sign up on the website to volunteer for this need ( The Century is on Sunday, September 22.

I want to thank Carol Linden for agreeing to volunteer as the Chair of the Nominating Committee. I am hoping that this more formal means of soliciting ExCom members will give us something we have not had for at least three years; a full slate of enthusiastic volunteers anxious to improve their Club for members to vote upon. Please contact Carol ( or another member of her committee to volunteer to be nominated and use “Nomination” in the subject line.

Stay tuned for information concerning the Annual Tour de France Party on July 12th. We have a new venue this year at The G.O.A.T. in Arlington.

Thank you and keep the rubber side down.

Bob B.

A Thank You to Our Sponsors!