President's Page - March 2020

Monday, February 24, 2020

Happy March, Pedalers!

March typically brings a lot of joy, especially to cyclists in our community. It marks the beginning of spring and the official end of winter (though, as I type this on a balmy weekend afternoon in February, it seems that is only ceremonial at this point). It also brings a personally important date, and as you are reading this I am celebrating another lap around the sun- I’ll spare you the mileage count right now. Don’t worry, I thought of all of you as I blew out my birthday candles and made my wish (and then promptly tried to shush the smoke detector in the house).

With Spring brings longer, warmer days, and the cycle of planning for another fruitful PPTC season begins. We have a lot of exciting things happening this month as well as this season. First, our Ride Leader Symposium is on March 8th, which will bring together seasoned leaders and new members of our club, ready to learn how to best lead a ride they’ve been eager to share with the rest of us. I encourage all of you to attend, as we engage in meaningful discussion about how to best serve our club and surrounding cycling community. Second, I’ll be leading an ExCom ride the weekend of March 21st, because that’s the first chance I’ll have to get my birthday mileage in for the month. This ride posting will be showcased at the symposium, hopefully in real time, to demonstrate how a relatively novice ride leader can best use the tools that PPTC has to offer to showcase a ride or event.

Don’t forget to register for Lewes Weekend in Delaware, the last weekend in April! This weekend is a lovely gathering of cyclists of all abilities who love the ocean air, excellent food and drink, and ever better company. We’ll also have Spring Thaw weekend registration up and running soon, with a discount code for the Six Pillars Century on the first weekend in May!

Finally, I hope all of you have seen the save the date for the Back Roads Century Weekend of September 26-27. Registration for our club’s signature event will be in place by the end of the month. This year, due to this weekend’s necessary position on the calendar coinciding with the beginning of Yom Kippur at sundown that Sunday, and thanks to some ingenuity offered by excellent ExCom members, we will be hosting longer ride options on Saturday with a brand new half and metric century for the BRC. We hope that this gives everyone who wants to participate in our BRC weekend the opportunity to do so. Along with these new Saturday rides, we are introducing our special weekend Challenge: Ride or volunteer Saturday or Sunday, and celebrate your accomplishments with your fellow cyclists at the parties planned for both days. Or, if you are feeling intrepid after a great summer of riding, tackle our 50-50 Challenge by riding either the half or metric both days or an even MORE intrepid Back-to-Back challenge of the half/metric on Saturday and the FULL century on Sunday- oh, did I mention the challenge swag yet? I should probably do that, after we settle on a shirt and jersey design especially for challenge participants. More details on all of this will be published when registration opens.

Once again, thank you to all who have participated in our events and have volunteered your time and resources so far in 2020. We’ve had a couple of great happy hours and hope to plan more in the future, that when the sun stays out a liiiiiiitle longer, we can all ride to after a long day in our respective saddles.

Be safe, ride well, and see you at the Ride Leader Symposium!

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