President's Page November 2020

Monday, November 2, 2020
by Anne C. M. Hyman — President PPTC

Happy November Pedalers!
It feels as if the days are growing exponentially shorter now (as are my newsletters), but the time change will definitely help early birds like me get out the door faster, and a bit easier, in the morning for a while. The end of Daylight Savings Time is a great reminder to not just check the batteries in your smoke detector, but also those in your lights on your bike, and make sure that reflective gear is handy for the colder and shorter days ahead.
November brings an important election to us….yes, that one too, but right now I’m talking about our Annual Meeting on November 8th. Due to the pandemic and all of the in-person restrictions associated with it, we will be holding our annual meeting online for the first time ever. To attend, you MUST register, as it’s our official way of taking attendance. Even if you can’t make it to the meeting, PLEASE VOTE. I know that must sound like an echoing drumbeat in your head right now, but we have a very important election with big shoes to fill on the ExCom. I’ll say it until I don’t have to say it anymore- this club is for you, and is run by you, and your voice absolutely matters. You will receive instructions on how to vote for new members on the ExCom, and also how to answer very important questions regarding the size of the Executive Committee.
Our rides are still rolling along, with an incredible amount of praise and appreciation to our ride leaders. As a reminder, you MUST register for each ride you intend to attend, and you MUST bring a mask with you to wear before, after, and during the ride at rest stops or when unable to socially distance. We have also brought back our “offseason” hikes, thanks to Butch Counts, for which the rules for registration and face coverings also apply. Check out our calendar for this month’s offerings! And, if you’re missing a particular ride, considering leading it for the club!
I’ll leave you with this thought as a preview for what I’ll say at the annual meeting next weekend (and also in an effort to keep this short, as promised). This year was one of the toughest years in PPTC history, and the ExCom did its best to hold the fort and reopen in a responsible manner. All of our special riding events were canceled this year, which was brutal. While we have a better grip on how this pandemic situation is challenging us as a club, next year is going to be a year of great CARE- Creativity and Adapting to some changes that the pandemic has brought us, but also Responsibility to lead the way in our regional cycling community, and, here’s hoping, some Excitement (in the good sense) as well. I hope that you all will find ways to care with us as we elect new members to the Executive Committee who also care so much about the future of Potomac Pedalers.
Be safe, ride well, allez,

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