President's Page September 2019

Friday, August 30, 2019
Happy September, Potomac Pedalers!
This turning of the calendar page is a big one- not only does September mark the autumnal equinox and with that event, some hopefully cooler riding weather, it also brings about the biggest month for the club. The countdown for the Back Roads Century is officially ON.
I had the pleasure of attending several planning meetings in August- over the phone and in person in Shepherdstown- and a few moments reminded me of the sheer gravity of this event not just for our club, but also the communities in West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland that our event routes reach. Meetings with our food safety liaison and Shepherd University Chief of Security demonstrated how seriously the area takes our event, with incredible efforts to make sure our riders are safe. With signs in town and on the roads, everyone in the area knows we’re coming and is preparing for our arrival.
Also, my meeting with century co-chairs Margaret McBride and Dalis Davidson and the Shepherd University event steering committee felt more like a presidential cabinet meeting, with forces from every corner of the university convening to ensure our riders and their community have an excellent experience during the weekend of September 22nd. Student groups will be greeting you at rest stops to make sure you’re well taken care of and cheered on. The SU catering crew is preparing a feast for riders upon their
return to campus from their day in the saddle. And, the university community is
welcoming us with open arms- after spending a few moments of respite on the
Popodicon lawn, envisioning the after party to cap off a day well done, I started to buzz with excitement for our Century.
This is not to say that everything is done and dusted. After all, completing a century on two wheels takes a tremendous physical effort and planning, and none of that really stops until the final touch of the brakes is applied at the finish line. The same applies to the planning for the support provided to all of our Back Roads Century riders. I sincerely hope you are planning to ride with us on September 22nd. Have you signed up yet? If not, click on the link on the front page of the Potomac Pedalers website and do it NOW. Seriously, now. Because registration closes SOON. Go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait.
Know you won’t be riding but are looking for ways to help your club with the biggest event of the season? Volunteer! This event takes a tremendous amount of effort and energy to be safe and successful, and the more volunteers we have out there to help and represent our cycling club, the better our chances for a great event. Conveniently, you can also become a volunteer by visiting the front page of our website and following the link to register. Come back when you’re done!
Is everyone back from Back Roads Century registration? Good.
As you all read in our last correspondence, we will be holding a special election at this November’s annual meeting, which is in two very short page turns of the calendar. More information and a save the date for the event are forthcoming. I cannot stress how important it is to be present to vote on the future of our cycling club. All of our member’s voices matter, especially in deciding how to ensure our club’s future success. A lot of conversations I’ve had with members this riding season have started with “Wouldn’t it be nice if..” Or “Do you think we could…”. If you feel strongly about something the club
should be doing to benefit all members, put your name in contention for one of the many positions open for election this fall. It means you will have a voice and a vote, two powerful things to wield to get motions granted and ideas turned into reality. You can do so by emailing Carol Linden, the head of our nominating committee.
The page is turned and the clock is ticking. Back to work to get ready for an exciting Autumn with the club
Be safe. Ride well.
Anne CM Hyman
Acting President, PPTC
VP, Special Events, PPTC
Rest Stop Coordinator, BRC



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