President's Page September 2020

Tuesday, September 1, 2020
by Anne C. M. Hyman — President PPTC

Welcome to September, Pedalers
First, a heartfelt thank you to those who reached out to me in concern after last month’s president’s page. The issue was published before I had a chance to update that my COVID-19 test was indeed negative. A relief for sure, but it remains a sobering ideal to strive for with continued diligence in keeping me and those around me safe. 
This month brings some exciting events for all of us! 

Our Back Yards Century kicks off on September 12th, so make sure your bike and legs are in working order to put in the miles to support PPTC and Phoenix Bikes! Register ASAP if you haven't already!
We are going to host a watch party for the Tour de France later in the month! While we can’t cheer on our favorite teams and boo our villains together in person this year, we can still gather virtually and keep our annual tradition alive.
I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard about the cautious return of rides in other clubs in our area. These clubs are fortunate in that they have much smaller regional areas and riderships than we do, and thus fewer challenges to face when resuming their rides. We are working on restoring our group ride availability- we’re in the stage of vetting ride coordinators and ride leaders to review new guidance and to self-select to lead rides if they are comfortable doing so. As you can imagine, it is a lengthy process with critical dialogue to ensure everyone who wants to lead rides is comfortable doing so, and also so our riders stay safe, and importantly, responsible when we resume our rides. The one thing other clubs in our area have told their memberships that we echo, and amplify, is this: We are all going to have to cooperate, build trust with each other, and respect each other and the new regulations to be able to resume and keep hosting our group rides. Our ride offerings are a wonderful privilege that our club and ride leaders give to us in order for us all to experience and share the joy of cycling with each other, and are a very nice thing. We must act maturely and responsibly as we open up to be able to have this nice thing.
In the meantime, please continue reading this issue of Pedal Patter to learn about the advocacy efforts that are going on in our area and how you can get involved, and keep considering the other wonderful benefits your PPTC membership gives to you- discounts at bike shops, access to a treasure trove of great cycling routes in our club’s Ride with GPS account, and a voice in the greater cycling community of our region. 
For the first time in what feels like a decade, I am optimistic that I will see some of you out on the roads sooner rather than later. 
Be safe, ride well, Allez. 

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