Ride Leader Guidelines

Potomac Pedalers Ride Leader Information Sheet

Potomac Pedalers has so many ride options because people like you lead rides! There would be no rides if not for our volunteer ride leaders. We always need new ride leaders! Please consider offering to lead any ride you would like to do. You can also co-lead a ride until you're ready to fly solo.

Become a Ride Leader

Becoming a Ride Leader is easy. Simply contact one of our ride coordinators at info@potomacpedalers.org to begin the process. You may want to shadow or co-lead one of our rides to gain experience.  Ride leaders must be current PPTC members.


Manage Your Rides

Once you become a Ride Leader, the Club will grant you rights to submit/edit/delete your rides on the Potomac Pedalers’ website.  More on the website below-



1. Access to the ride calendar will be limited to PPTC members. Thus, group rides will be limited to club members to help limit overall group size.

2. Groups size will be limited to no more than 10 riders per group.  If a larger number of riders show up for a ride, they will need to split into separate groups, and allow for maintenance of separation throughout the ride. The limit on the number of riders in a group may depend upon local restrictions.

3. Riders will be required to sign in electronically before the ride and provide their emergency contact information.  This will include an indication that they agree to the PPTC Waiver of Liability which includes informed consent for COVID-19.

4. Each rider will be required to carry a mask/face covering with them and wear it when inside a rest stop facility (like a convenience store) or in group situations where physical distancing is not possible. Social/physical distancing MUST be practiced at the ride start, at regrouping points, and at rest stops. At all stops, including rest areas, riders must maintain at least six feet separation and don a mask or neck gaiter.

5. Face coverings must be worn if a rider is assisting another with a mechanical problem. Assistance should be limited to one person helping with the problem. [There also may be local/regional requirements for wearing face coverings outdoors when physical distancing is not possible.]

6. Pacelines are not allowed; riders must distance themselves from each other on the road by as great a distance as practical.

7. Riders must not share food or hydration with any other rider. Riders must wash their hands either with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer, before touching any shared off-bike surface such as door handles to bathroom facilities, etc.

8. No spitting, snot rockets, etc on a group ride.


Prepare for Your Ride

As you approach your ride date, review your route and note any changes such as road construction, and update your ride information and cue sheet as needed.

You can see list of registered riders and their emergency contact name and phone number at the bottom of the ride page. 


Lead Your Ride – Before the Start

If the weather is threatening, post an update on the website (see Edit/Delete Your Existing Rides). Participants will look to you for a go, or no-go decision early in the morning.  It's best to make this decision at least 2 hours before your ride.  You can even do this the night before the ride if the weather forecast is ominous.

If your ride is go, then:

1. Show up at the ride start at least 20 minutes before your ride.

2. All riders must be registered for the ride.


4. At the designated start time, give a pre-ride welcome and review the COVID-19 guidelines listed above, review route changes, road hazards, rest stops, traffic, yourself, or anything else pertinent to the ride.

5. Ask if anyone is new to the club and if they want to find a riding partner or just need a little extra attention.

6. Invite everyone to get going and to have a good time!


Lead Your Ride – During Your Ride

You may choose to ride in the front, ride in the back, or anywhere else that you please. We only ask that you ride at the pace of your ride class listing. For example, if it's a CC ride, then please ride at a CC pace.

  1. Ensure riders are riding safely and following distancing guidelines.


Submit a New Ride

Login to your Potomac Pedalers account depending upon your browser, you may need to click on “My dashboard” or it may take you directly to your Ride Calendar Dashboard.

On the right side of the calendar, you will see “Manage My Rides” with the choices underneath to “Submit a New Ride” or “Edit/Delete Your Existing Rides.”

Important Note: You may only see the member-specific options when you initially log in. If you are already logged in, and cannot see the options described, log out and log back in to see these options.

Clicking the “Submit a New Ride” link brings you to “Create Ride Listing.” This online form is simple to complete. Enter your ride title, ride start location, start date and time (and whether the ride is recurring), ride class, and ride description. The form also requires you to enter the distance.  Cue sheets and GPS files can be uploaded into the designated positions on the form.

If your ride includes multiple distances or ride classes, you can add them, along with other ride leaders, cue sheets, and GPS files (up to 4 total) after you enter the information for your first distance.

After entering your distance, enter your name under “Ride Leader Name” and the ride class you’re leading. The website will automatically populate your email address, and you may then choose to enter your telephone number (optional).

If your ride includes multiple distances, you need to add a ride leader for each distance. Please include email addresses (phone numbers are optional). You can also add additional cue sheets and GPS files.

Once the online form is completed, you may either save your ride or preview your ride (before saving).


Edit/Delete Your Existing Rides

If you need to edit or cancel your ride, from your Dashboard, click on “Edit/Delete Your Existing Rides.” From there, the website will list all your rides. To the right of the ride title, click on “Edit.”

To change your ride, update the online form as needed and hit “Save” at the bottom, and then “Update” at the top left of the form.

To cancel your ride, click on “Ride Cancelled” directly underneath the ride title. Again, be sure to save your changes by hitting “Save” as the bottom of the page and “Update” at the top of the page.

Ride Leader Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance to Potomac Pedalers. Not only do we want our members to have a fun ride, we want them to have a safe ride. As a ride leader, participants will rely on you in the event of an emergency; so please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below.


Pre-ride Briefing

  • During your pre-ride briefing, mention any relevant safety information about high-traffic roads, steep hills, dangerous intersections, unusual terrain, and other hazards on the route.
  • Remind cyclists -
    • That helmets are required on all Potomac Pedalers rides and anyone without a helmet may not participate
    • To obey all traffic laws
    • To use hand signals when turning, and to point out hazards such as potholes
    • To use standardized verbal alerts such as "car back", car up", "car right"
    • To ride single file on busy roads and to not impede traffic
    • That most accidents happen at intersections and to be extra alert when approaching them
    • To be extra cautious on hills and curves with limited sight lines
    • Remind them to take a mask and hand sanitizer

In Case of Emergency

  • If one of our participants is involved in an accident, it's always best to err on the side of caution. It is never a bad idea to call 911 and have emergency personnel treat the injury. Many serious internal injuries are visually undetectable, therefore if there is any doubt about someone's condition, call 911.
    • Do not move the victim if they are unable to move on their own. This is a sign of a serious injury and moving the victim could make the situation worse.
    • If the victim must remain in the roadway, you will need to redirect traffic around them.
  • If the injury does not appear to be serious - the rider can get back up and continue - then make a note of their name, and details of the accident for our records
  • If the accident involves a motor vehicle get the driver's name, address, telephone number, driver's license number, license plate number, make of car, insurance company name and policy number. Get names and contact information of witnesses. If police come to the scene, get the police report number.
  • Take pictures of the scene with your cell phone.


Head Injuries 

Always ask an accident victim if they struck their head when they fell. Even if there is a remote possibility that they struck their head, the victim must immediately go to an emergency room for treatment. The victim may say that "they're okay" and want to continue. Don't let them! Blunt force trauma to the head can cause fatal injury.  

The accident may have caused a clot in the brain or rupture of an artery - and the victim won't even know it. Oftentimes, this type of injury will not have any noticeable side-effects for days or weeks. The injured must have their head scanned in an emergency room with a CT (computed technology) Scan or an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). They must tell emergency room personnel that they struck their head while cycling and request a head scan. This is the only way to evaluate the effects of a head injury and could very well save their life. There is usually less than a few hours between the time of impact and the onset of permanent brain damage without medical intervention.  


Reporting an Accident to Potomac Pedalers

Regardless of the level of severity, any accident or emergency that occurs on your ride must be reported to the Executive Committee and no later than the next day after it happened. Please provide the victim's name, the police report number if there was one, and the status of the victim to the best of your knowledge. Submit photos and any other documents or evidence which you have available.

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