Lakeside Park at Lake Royal.

5216 Pommeroy Dr
Fairfax, VA 22032




When day is sunny or partly sunny and temperature at the start of the ride is more than 40F and wind less 15 mph according to the National Weather Service forecast:

welcome all, members and non-members of the club to my neighborhood rides on any type of bike: road, hybrid, mountain or folding bikes!  Up two hours cycling loop that will have distance of 10 or 16 miles with gently ups and small hills. The shorter ride can be extended up to 16 plus miles for road fast cyclists at the same time!  

The URL for this route is

Clothes recommendations: A warm wool hat under helmet, warm glows, four layers of shirt, jackets with one windbreaker plus hood and double pants and socks.

For non-biking family members, friends or partners, I am recommending optional 5K walk around the Lake Royal.


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