Road Stories: Color Coordinated

Sunday, May 31, 2020
Ok, here’s a funny/embarrassing story. 
I lived in Rome, Italy, 2012-2017 and of course, bought a nice Italian bike (Colnago). Italians love cycling and although a non-trivial minority are crazy drivers, Italians real pay attention and give bikers a wide space, so I always felt safe there. Anyway, the first months I wore what I always wear in the US: old bike shorts and silly t-shirts (of course, bike helmet, gloves, & bike shoes). Well, EVERY time I stopped to talk to an Italian bike rider the first thing they asked me was if I an American, even before I opened my mouth with my mediocre Italian! I finally figured out that Italians wore not just any “spandex,” but color-coordinated outfits, including shoes and helmets! So I got with the program and bought myself similar gear. Then the first questions were about the bike, where was I riding, etc., and only later where was I from. Apparently, Americans are known for wearing such mismatched outfits.
Now that I’m back in the US, I’ve started wearing mismatched outfits again,
Reuben Snipper

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