Road Stories: High Bridge Trail

Monday, November 30, 2020

by Deborah Reynolds


In October, I stopped by Farmville, VA to experience the much heard about High Bridge Trail. The trail is really nice, with a surface of hard-packed crushed stone. I have 28s on my bike and they worked very well. The bridge itself is really cool. It is the longest recreational bridge in VA, and one of the longest in the nation. It is also historic - it was used in the Civil War and there are placards telling you about troop movement. We elected to ride to the bridge from town on the first morning, and then to the west end of the trail for about 40 miles, then on day 2 we only went from Farmville to the east end of the trail. 

The scenery along the trail was nice in October because it included fall foliage. Otherwise, it is a few farms and lots of trees. The trail didn’t have too many people on it on the Monday and Tuesday that we were there. I suspect that the weekend is much busier.

The town, Farmville, was very cute. We enjoyed walking around town and there were a few very nice restaurants. (The brewery was closed while we were there.)

The true highlight was the bridge. It was really grand! I hope you enjoy the photos!


Left to Right: Robin Sparer, Deb Reynolds,Tom Fedewa

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