Rustling up Ride Leaders

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

by Carol Linden, Maryland CC Coordinator

Have you ever looked at the Pedalers ride schedule for the upcoming weekend and thought “darn it, there’s nothing for me”? Well, there’s a very easy way to fix that! Lead the ride you want to ride! Those of us who are Ride Coordinators are still here to help you be, or become, a ride leader, even though we no longer have to harass our list of ride leaders monthly to submit rides weeks in advance. 

Ride Coordinators can help you pick out a ride start, find or create a cue sheet and/or a RWGPS file, find co-leaders for different ride classes, or walk you through posting on the real-time calendar if you’re new at it. Spring and the riding season are just around the corner, so think about filling the calendar with great rides that you and others will enjoy. Maybe commit to leading a ride in your birthday month; to celebrate an important life event; to explore a new area. We’re here to help! 


Help and Other Resources


Ride Mentoring and Support

Linda Borst Kolko

Ride Mentoring and Support

Martine Palmiter

Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS File Help

Eric Pilsk

Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS File Help

Rudi Riet

Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS File Help

Jim Quinn

Routes, Cue Sheets & GPS File Help

Dan Lehman 



Ride Coordinators


D Rides - Maryland & DC

Chris Moriarity

D Rides - Virginia

Woody Lipinski

C Rides - Maryland & DC

Linda Borst-Kolko

C Rides - Virginia

Fulton Armstrong

CC Rides - Maryland & DC

Carol Linden

CC Rides - Virginia

Joan Oppel

B Rides - Maryland & DC

Jim Quinn

B Rides - Virginia

Stephen Krill

BB Rides - Maryland & DC

Karen Berlage

BB Rides - Virginia

Stephen Krill

A/AA Rides - Maryland & DC

Karen Berlage

A/AA Rides - Virginia

Dan Lehman

Tandem Rides - DC, MD & VA

Don Schneider

Women's Rides Robin Sparer


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