Survive El Niño

Monday, September 3, 2018

By John Zebatto

Well I give the summer and early fall a mixed review for good weather riding which is probably not so unusual. Regardless, the winter always present challenges for cyclists.  And looking ahead this year it may be a little more challenging since it is an El Niño winter which means it will be a wet one.  According to the Washington Post’s “Capital Weather Gang,” who along with my multiple weather apps I rely on a weak to moderate El Niño is forecast and such. Events since 1990 have been mostly wet while for temperatures they have split 50-50 between cold and warm winters causing the temperature part of the forecast to be more uncertain.  Even so, El Niño, increases the odds of snow for Washington in the winter.   For the past 17 years, we have experienced a snowier-than-normal winter in two-thirds of El Niño cases, compared with just over a 10 percent rate for La Niña, its opposite phase.

So here is a quick suggestion to survive an El Niño winter by riding inside when needed.  I have taken my fair share of cycling classes at three prominent gym chains over the years and while they are better than nothing I have moved to riding inside my own house using videos that are real rides with good music.  And I have come to look forward to it.  No artificial moves on my bike sitting, standing etc., just some good pacing on my own machine looking at beautiful scenery, interesting rides and good vibes.

So here are three YouTube video channels that I recommend.  One of them is my own—NVCycler—only because some PPTC rides are among the videos so it would be a slight not to include it.  My channel is the guppy among the two other related bigger fish and excellent European-based video channels.  My videos generally are about 30 minutes so use more than one to tailor a ride length.

HD Cycling videos are great and they are usually 45 to 60 minutes with a few even longer.  HD Cycling has some 8,568 subscribers and 395 videos since it began in Dec 2011.  I find this channel to be just right.  There is duplication between HD and Indoor Cycling so I subscribe to both and never miss a newly posted video.  HD (HD likely, is a Saar, Germany-based cyclist who is both a roadie and mountain biker of great skill.  His partner Diana who is seen more so since her camera is usually secondary and a familiar sight on some extraordinary cycling rides.  HD usually produces two or three videos of various length for each of his bicycle rides with Diana et al in German pro team kit.  The couple are great riders who pick great ride venues.  The Indoor Cycling channel is Hd’s larger channel with some 16,874 subscribers started in 2014 as a “monetized” YouTube channel.  If you like your videos with stats on the screen there is more of that on this channel.  Enjoy your rides where ever they may be this winter!

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